Michael Flynn resigns as national security adviser


Michael Flynn resigned Monday night as the White House national security adviser after misleading Vice President Pence and other administration officials about the nature of his conversations with a Russian envoy.

President Trump accepted Flynn’s resignation letter and appointed Keith Kellogg, a decorated retired Army lieutenant general, as acting national security adviser.





I guess when you mislead your President and Vice President this can be expected.


As I understand it, Flynn admitted to misleading Pence and some other officials, but hasn’t admitted to misleading Trump.




If he really negotiated with the Russian as a private citizen, it is more of a technical crime through the loophole in point of law. As a private citizen, he could not do anything so talking to the Russian was inconsequential.

But he was going to be appointed anyway, so he actually had the power later.

Perhaps this one part of the inaugurating process, uniquely American, that the President-elect only holds office two months after being elected. In a Parliamentary democracy like the UK, the winning party can be sworn in immediately, thus at least they do not have any problem that Flynn might have done.


There is no evidence the President was mislead, which is part of the problem. There is a lot more to come on this.


Flynn was an anti-Obama Democrat.

So he was on everybody’s target list.

Flynn got fired by Obama.

Flynn’s wife works for the Consumer Product Safety Commission which is organized under the Federal Reserve which is exempt from the pay ceilings under which Federal employees are paid.

Lots of back story.

Rumor has it that Petraeus may be Flynn’s replacement.

Petraeus got fired because he was a potential presidential candidate against Clinton.

Lots of back story.

Meanwhile Fox is trying out many many new people to replace the Fox staffers who got hired by Trump.


It seems totally impossible that Flynn misled Trump (or that Trump did not know the truth), since it was almost certain Trump was the one who put him up to the phone call in the first place and told him what to say. Otherwise it would have been extremely presumptuous for Flynn to make deals and offers – something a person like Flynn (who after all was in the military and understands the command hierarchy) just would not do.

Let the impeachment proceedings begin!


Oh stop it! :mad:


It is too early to use the “I” word, but there is a lot to be concerned about, and more investigation is required. We now know that the Army had already been investigating Flynn for accepting illegal payments from Russia. We also know that he lied to the American people and to the VP about his Russian contacts. We now also know that the FBI has been investigating Flynn for some time. Those investigations need to continue to their conclusion.

As far as the President, Flynn either did all of this behind the President’s back (which is one kind of problem), or the President also knew about the contacts and the lies (which is another kind of problem). The American people deserve answers to these questions.


Some people really know how to read minds! Let’s not wait for the facts!


As a candidate for DNC Chair has said “grow up”. I doubt you would like Pence any better.


Misleading the VP should be a serious no-no. Glad Trump doesn’t see Pence as a coat rack.


I assumed it was Pence who pushed Flynn out, but of course none of us know for sure what is going on there.


I think the left is really afraid of Trump.They want him out because they no doubt feel Pence will be easier to beat in four years.


Actually I’d like him a whole lot better. He’s a regular politician who won’t put us in such jeopardy and risk – and he wouldn’t be so hated around the world as Trump is. At least I’d be better able to sleep at night with Pence’s hand on the “red button” than with Trump’s hand on it.

Also I do agree with Pence’s position on abortion, so at least some good could come out of a Pence presidency.

Though I consider climate change to be the mother of all pro-life issues (without a life-hospitable climate, child-bearing and abortion could become moot points), I was never as concerned about our country and the world under Bush and would not be as concerned as I am now with Pence.


Of course people are afraid. He is not fit for the office of the presidency. Based on what I’ve seen, I honestly don’t know if he can read. It sounds like he doesn’t reads the executive orders he signs. That should be scary to everyone.

For the moment, Mr. Bannon remains the president’s dominant adviser, despite Mr. Trump’s anger that he was not fully briefed on details of the executive order he signed giving his chief strategist a seat on the National Security Council, a greater source of frustration to the president than the fallout from the travel ban.
Donald Trump Is Signing Executive Orders That He Doesn’t Read or Understand

As an aside, it’s nice to see Trump supporters rallying behind a Democrat.


That’s why we voted Trump in. We didn’t want a politician


Shocking that a person who has zero experience in politics is doing a really bad job in politics.

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