Michael Jackson Memorial Service

Meanwhile, lucky fans celebrated when they got an e-mail saying they had scored the hottest ticket in town. “Congratulations, your application was successful,” said the message sent to Deka Motanya, 27, of San Francisco.

She immediately Twittered: “OMG OMG OMG OMG i got tickets to the michael jackson memorial service!!!”

It was a real-life version of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets. Each selected person gets a pair of free tickets, with the odds of being chosen about 1 in 183.

Is it just me, but isn’t it kind of twisted that someone could get so excited over someone’s death (and memorial service)?

I heard on the news today that Michael Jackson’s casket costs a mere $25,000, only a quarter of a month’s rent on his last residence. He must be rolling over before he’s even laid to rest in it!

Unfortunately, the memorial service is going to be as big a circus as the man’s life was. Rather sad.

Well - consider this. My guess is that these are largely a group of people who do not have a properly ordered understanding of the purpose of life (to get to heaven), and they do not understand the consequences of death if life is not lived according to that one sole purpose. They see this as just another performance with Jackson’s name on it. Another event to attend. They will talk about him “being in a better place”, “looking down on us from above”, and all sorts of ignorant nonsense. :rolleyes: God willing he will some day be in heaven, it’s not for us to know.

So - to answer your question - yes, it is very twisted indeed. It twists the death of a human being into an entertainment event, and removes the focus from what life really should and must be - the means of obtaining eternal salvation.

Pray for them. The vast majority of the people attending that “service” have no clue what they are doing there.


Yes I felt this way too, after rewatching the MJ “The Last Time” Concert. It really hit me that, as an out and out fan of MJ and his music, that I’m not really that nuts over him and his death, and I’ve probally grown sick of the news coverage. Watching that concert made me realise I’d rather listen to his music in my home by myself while no one else is watching, I don’t like the hypnotic atmosphere of such concerts and I’m not sure true fans of the man and his music would go crazy like that.

I’ll celebrate the man and his music, but I’m not going to be watching everything and going nuts over it, it’s not going to stop me living. I’d rather dance around in my kitchen doing the moonwalk quietly.

I’m not sure MJ himself would have liked such crazy obsessed fans himself… He’d perform for them yes, as he needs to make his living somehow and the music was his gift(and there are some fans out there who would’nt be obsessive)… but would he have wanted to know them personally? probally not, Celebrities usually don’t like them.

This is a wonderful post. Thank you.

So often I think about stars as a different kind of people who are outside of the plans of God. They become like fictional characters in novels or movies. It’s just hard to believe sometimes that they actually go to the bathroom just like all the rest of us.

But this dehumanizes them, and isn’t this one of the reasons why abortion is accepted in this country?

They are very human. Stars need God, too, and their stardom does not insure their eternal home.

Yes, we should pray for them.

I think there will be plenty of media coverage:

Here’s a brief rundown of the coverage:

  • MSNBC will begin its coverage at 8 a.m., with Chris Jansing anchoring. Fox News’ Shepard Smith will anchor the day, beginning at 9 a.m. Meanwhile, CNN will start at 9 a.m. with Anderson Cooper, Larry King and Don Lemon as anchors. (CNN will carry the service on sister networks HLN, CNN International and CNN en Espanol as well.)
  • On ABC, “Good Morning America” will air a special edition from Los Angeles and Charlie Gibson will anchor “Remembering Michael Jackson” with “Nightline” anchor Martin Bashir when the service begins. At 9 p.m., Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters will co-anchor a special edition of " 20/20," reporting on the highlights of the service. " Primetime: Family Secrets" at 10 p.m. will focus on Jackson’s children.
  • CBS’ “The Early Show” will broadcast live from Staples, with Maggie Rodriguez and Harry Smith anchoring. Katie Couric will anchor the “CBS Evening News” at 6:30 p.m. and “48 Hours” at 10 p.m., both from Staples.
  • NBC’s “Today” will air a “split edition,” with host Meredith Vieira in Los Angeles. Live coverage of the services, anchored by Brian Williams, will begin at 10 a.m. Williams also will anchor “Nightly News” from Staples Center. At 10 p.m., Lester Holt will anchor a special edition of “Dateline.”


Hulu and the LA Times, among other outlets, will be streaming coverage of the memorial service online.

I believe it is truly sad and just plain messed up that so many people are actually excited about winning a chance to attend a memorial service. How must the family be feeling, seeing how absolutely gleeful some of the people are? Not to mention those who are attempting to make a huge profit by selling their “golden tickets”.
This whole hoopla surrounding Jackson’s life and death reminds me of a song I first heard long ago, called “Who Did They Think He Was?” sung by Conway Twitty. It was about the exact same sentiment surrounding the deaths of Elvis Presley and President Kennedy.
Substitute Michael Jackson’s birthdate, -place, and your favorite MJ song in the first verse, and the exact same thing is being done right now. Just goes to show how truly messed up our priorities are.

"Who Did They Think He Was?"
A child was born in Tupelo
In 1935
I’m grateful for his music
It forever changed my life.
Oh, I loved, love me tender
And how that boy could sing
But when he died I wondered why
Millions called him King.
Tell me, who did they think
Who did they think He was?
Who did they think
Who did they think He was?
The whole world bowed and prayed
But it only made me say
Who did they think
Who did they think He was?
— Instrumental —
He was born in Massachussetts
In 1917
The second son of an Irishman
Oh, we all loved Kennedy.
He was brave and strong and handsome
A helluva a president
But when he died
Millions cried like he was heaven sent.
Tell me who did they think
Who did they think He was?
Who did they think
Who did they think he was?
The whole world bowed and prayed
But it only made me say
Who did they think
Who did they think He was?
— Instrumental —
There was a child of heaven
Born in Bethelem
Just a simple carpenter
With worn and callused hands.
Oh, he healed the heart of many
So they nailed him to a tree
With no one left to mourn his death
But the women at his feet.
Crying, Who did they think
Who did they think He was
Who did they think
Who did they think He was?
There was no one left to grieve
But the women at his feet
Crying, who did they think
Who did they think He was?
Who did they think
Who did they think He was?..

From what I have read, this service will also contain a Christian component-not Catholic of course, the Jackson family is not Catholic-but Christian. What if ONE person attending or watching hears a hymn or a line in a sermon that makes them interested in seeking out Jesus? You’re right-many of these folks do have messed up priorities, but what if something comes out of this for even ONE person that helps them connect with Jesus?

I believe that God can and does use all sorts of ways to get our attention. If the only way He can reach someone is by using Michael Jackson’s death, so be it. God will rejoice over that one lost sheep returned to the fold.

Very insightful. Is it any wonder the world is in the shape it is in?

I am watching his memorial service and it is beautiful.

The issue is not that there is a service, or even that a very large number of people are in attendance. My sadness comes from the fact that so many are treating his death, and their own subsequent “good fortune” at being one of the chosen attendees, as an almost gleeful spectacle.
If one person does turn to Christ because of the service, then, absolutely the Lord, all the angels and all the saints will be rejoicing! That still does not mean that it is not revolting that so many are attempting to make money off of it, and so many are treating their selection to attend the memorial service as though they had received Willy Wonka’s golden ticket.
On another note, I do sincerely pray that Michael Jackson finds peace in the next life which he was apparently never able to find in this one. May the Good Lord have mercy on him and welcome him into His loving arms.

i thought the memorial service was very respectful. there were a couple of speakers i could have done without. the performances were beautiful. so many of today’s entertainers grew up with Michael Jackson and they paid tribute to him as opening the doors for them. i could tell that it was probably hard for many of them to perform and they were all very sad.
i haven’t quite figured out michael jackson’s place in history other than he was a great entertainer. there are so many unanswered questions in other areas of his life.
once i again i am asking, why wasn’t someone there to intervene and prevent something like this happening? although, i think most people saw something like this happening, as with anna nicole - it is too bad no one could have stopped it. i feel sorry for the kids. they are left with a big puzzle to put together.

I was able to see the very end of the service live online, and went back to watch the rest of it later (I’ll finish up tomorrow). I have to say that the “gleeful spectacle” that it started out as when tickets where arriving in people’s hands like winning lottery tickets, significantly changed when the coffin was brought into the stadium. The silence was impressive, and it reminded everyone there, instantly, that they truly were attending the funeral of a dead man, and not a spectacle.

I agree with others - it was (what I have seen so far) tastefully done. He was a man who’s entire life was music and family - that is what the service celebrated. I am impressed with how it turned out, it really could have been disgusting.

His daughter speaking at the end put it very much into perspective. There is a grieving family here in the midst of the cameras, reporters, and color commentary. And at the end of the day, there are many souls that need our prayers.


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