Michael Jackson Songs

Okay, I know some people will probably rip my head off after this, but this an idea I thought of in the last thread. I tried to make this poll a part of my last thread on Michael Jackson, but I couldn’t. So, while this is a separate thread, you can consider it part of my last one. Anyway, I’ve been reading threads and I noticed that a lot of us like Michael Jackson songs (although we do not like some of the things he did in his personal life). Therefore, I decided to make a poll. I hope you like the idea.

I personally liked his Jackson 5 stuff, not his solo music so I didn’t vote :blush:

I am sorry, I should have put some Jackson 5 stuff, but I don’t that much of it. But I knew there were some people who like their stuff more.

“Man in the mirror” is my fav Jackson Song…

But why the absence of “Smooth Criminal” from this poll?

Excatly my thoughts… But i picked you rocked my world. But then i wished i picked man in the mirror. i wish that" they don’t really care about us" was there. that was a good one too.

I wanted to put more, but the maximum amount that I could put on was 10, and he has a lot of cool songs.

And for latin_rite: I forgot to mention that you could make more than one choice.

I too am more a fan of the Jackson 5 music over the solo material, not that I didn’t like any of it, I just prefer the Jackson 5 sound.

Yeah. You could have put 20 songs up there and still not cover it all.

none I am not an MJ fan.

I like ‘Will You Be There’ :thumbsup:

Thriller is my favorite.

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