Michael Moore: Dems' only chance to win in 2020 to to run ‘beloved American’ like Michelle Obama


Uncle Joe had an abortion? The last time I heard his take on the subject was right around the time Trump had the exact same thoughts on it.

The only difference is Trump was told he’d have to change his tone on it to be on the Republican ticket, as with many other things. Lets face it. Monogamy wasn’t his forte’…


Oh wow, well she’d be qualified, excellent education and smart woman.


There are many reasons why I would never vote for Michelle Obama. She is pro-abortion. She allowed her daughter to intern for the filthy television show “Girls.” And she insulted lunch ladies: https://www.cnn.com/2017/05/12/politics/michelle-obama-school-meal-changes-trump-administration/index.html

I have no admiration for her at all, other than wishing I had he gumption to do the exercises she does to get those muscular arms.


I don’t see the insult, perhaps you can provide a quote.


“Take me out of the equation; like me, don’t like me, but think about why someone is OK with your kids eating crap.”

In case the word is censored by CAF, it starts with a c, continues with an r, then an a, and ends with a p.

It’s an insult–who prepared that food? Lunch ladies.

The kids didn’t LIKE the “nutritious food,” and it cost a fortune, and schools had to do something! They couldn’t just keep throwing money and food down the drain and ending up with sleepy, crabby kids (who probably didn’t lose any weight on the “nutritious food” because they probably did what I do when I don’t get enough to eat at lunch time–go home and binge on anything i can find that doesn’t run away!).

First Lady Obama could have used a less mean word; e.g. “nutritionally-deficient foot,” rather than calling it a term that we often use for solid bodily waste that comes from the bowel. That’s really hurtful to school staff who prepare and serve the food. If someone came to my house and referred to anything on my table as “bodily waste,” I would probably ask them to leave, or perhaps endure their company, but never again make any attempt to be friends with them.

If you disagree–put yourself in the place of the lunch ladies, and someone with the celebrity of First Lady Obama called your food what she called it. How would YOU feel? Maybe you agree with her, but just the same, she should have recognized that the school cafeteria staff does the best job they can with the funds and products that they are given.

BTW, my junior high yearbook (early 1970s!) has autographs from many of the lunch ladies–they were very dear to me, and I loved talking to them every day. (They would save me broccoli, since I loved it and my mother never made it because she didn’t like broccoli!). So I feel for them.


Lunch ladies these days don’t actually make the lunch.


And there is a good chance they are not ladies either.


I agree, they don’t MAKE the lunch. But they “prepare it.” That may mean taking it out of a box, unwrapping a shrink wrap, microwaving the product, and setting it out on the line in an organized way. They also help the children and teenagers to make the selections–in other words, they show hospitality and friendliness to kids who may not necessarily get much affirmation at home.

And they don’t earn a high salary for all this work, and they DON’T deserve to have the product that they must serve called a demeaning name by the First Lady. They serve what their school can afford to serve, and what the children/teens will actually eat. First Lady Obama has some very admirable goals for children and teenagers to eat better, but just like many families have to stretch their dollars by serving too much starch and not enough fresh fruit and veges, many schools have to do the same.

Here’s a link to a wonderful column written in 2014 about First Lady Obama’s efforts by one of my favorite columnists, Kathleen Parker, who, BTW, does not think highly of Pres. Trump, so you see, I actually DO read and listen to the opinion of those who don’t agree with me. This column explains the failures of First Lady Obama’s plan, and offers some reasonable alternatives.


You’re right. So they are now to be called, “lunch people?” Better tell Adam Sandler.

But…whether men or women are serving meals to schoolchildren or teens doesn’t make a difference–First Lady Obama demeaned the food that they served, and I can’t help but think that they would feel terrible feeding kids “human waste.” (It does look like the “c” word is acceptable here on CAF, but I’m still being overly-cautious.)


Do you see the food on school lunch menus? Pizzas, French fries, corn dogs, hot dogs, nachos, hamburgers. Not high quality foods, nutritious dense foods. Moreover, more children in our country suffer from obesity, and more children get diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which is related to their diets. Michelle Obama is wellwithin reason to bring attention to the poor foods that are being fed to children within the school systems. And call for it to change. Crap food, junk food is precisely the type of words that I would use when referring to diets comprised of those foods.


Did you read the article that I posted a link to?

Here’s another article (there are plenty if you do an online search): https://www.newsweek.com/why-have-michelle-obamas-healthy-school-meals-been-junked-592938

Here are the facts

  1. The children and teenagers were not EATING her healthy foods.
  2. The food was being thrown out–lots of it, which in some schools necessitated the purchase of more waste containers and more money for trash pickup.
  3. Many smaller and low-income schools could not afford the foods.

When children and teenagers don’t eat, they are hungry, and that makes them (and adults as well) sleepy, crabby, weak, and fuzzy-headed–not exactly a good recipe for success in school. The teachers had to deal with these hungry kids.

Also, when children have not eaten during the day, they go home and gorge, unless they are from poor families. Then they just get hungrier.

There is an organization that has existed in our city for 20 years. It is located in the inner city in one of the poorest neighborhoods, and serves over 250 children per day. They are able to go to this organization before and after school and have a warm, safe place to study, read, play games, and eat a warm dinner–which is usually the kind of food that you listed, because that’s what the kids will eat, and it’s affordable. When the children leave at night, they are given a packet of “kid-friendly food” to take home, because many of them do not get a breakfast or any snacks. Let’s just say that “Kid-friendly food” is NOT whole wheat tortillas and/or fresh vegetables. It’s cheese and crackers–wrapped, you know–the kind with the “orange cheese” between the “orange crackers.” It’s food that kids will actually eat, not throw away.

There are definitely nutrition issues surrounding poverty–the food desert in many of these neighborhoods makes it difficult for poor families to find, let alone purchase fresh foods, fruits, and vegetables. Poverty often necessitates the purchase of cheap starchy “white” foods like white flour, white pasta, white bread, etc.

There are plenty of organizations, many of them faith-based, that are working to solve these issues. E.g. ,one thing that has happened in our city is the development of many neighborhood gardens during the summer.

First Lady Obama’s heart was certainly in the right place, but she simply moved too fast and too furious. Many of the schools were already serving salad bar options, which are very popular, and fresh seasonal fruits, which are also popular. There was no need to develop recipes that were not only culturally insensitive, but also strange-tasting to the children and teens. Food that is not eaten will not nourish.

There are plenty of ways that school lunches can serve food choices that are both nutritious and tasty to children and teens, and reasonably-priced so that schools can afford it.


I talked about “poor” children in my last post.

But the dislike of the First Lady’s school lunches also was manifested in many of the well-off schools.

My brother-in-law, a lawyer, lives in one of the Chicago suburbs, a wealthy suburb, where the school officials realized that the students, most from well-off families, were not eating the new food. It was being trashed and the students were sneaking junk food into their lockers and gobbling it between classes.

They tried to work with First Lady Obama’s mandates to try to 'adjust " the food so that the students would eat it, but were met with much resistance, and would have had their taxpayer funding pulled (their own money!).

So they did something that many schools did not have the resources to do–they stopped the tax-funded school lunch program and hired a private CATERING COMPANY that would serve food that their students would actually eat.

I would be the first to admit that American food preferences are pretty unhealthy. I myself eat so much junk that it’s a wonder I’m still alive.

But one thing I know from experience will NOT work is to change everything on the daily food plan all at once.

i also know that studies prove that anywhere from 90% to 95.6% to 99% (depends on which study you read) of all people who lose weight gain it all back again along with additional pounds.

Like I said, First Lady Obama moved too fast and too furious, and did not take into account the science behind food preferences. Kids can’t switch from burgers and fries to vege wraps and organic apples all at once.

She also failed to take into account ethnic preferences for various foods, which I find rather strange considering that First Lady Obama’s political party makes a point of being culturally-sensitive. There is nothing inherently “African” about white flour products, but it would have made more sense to GRADUALLY introduce inner-city schools with majority African American student bodies to the whole-grain products.

Also, many of the foods that First Lady Obama and other people criticize are actually not that awful–e.g., applesauce. Yes, a fresh apple would be better, but isn’t applesauce better than a Reese Peanut Butter Cup? And many kids like applesauce. And it’s CHEAP.


Your facts arent facts though. Because there have been studies that show that improved school lunch programs are not wasteful, and that students actually do chose the healthier options. And do better in school when they have healthier options available.

"Nutrition can affect learning through three channels: physical development (e.g., sight), cognition (e.g., concentration, memory), and behavior (e.g., hyperactivity),” the Berkeley team wrote. For example, they explained, diets high in trans and saturated fats have a negative impact on learning and memory, reducing substances in the body that support cognitive processing and increasing the risk of neurological dysfunction.

Schools have complained that children don’t like the healthier meals and are more likely to throw the food away. However, an analysis of three large studies by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that under the improved nutrition rules, food waste actually declined in 12 Connecticut schools; children consumed more fruits and vegetables in eight elementary schools in southeast Texas; and in four elementary schools studied by the Harvard School of Public Health, children ate more of their entree and vegetable servings and more children took a serving of fruit.

A study conducted by Cornell University researchers at a New York high school in 2012 found that making healthier foods more convenient for students increased their sale by 18 percent and decreased the grams of unhealthy foods consumed by nearly 28 percent."

Kind of like my home, Sure in my home I can microwave high fat, high calorie, high sodium crap food…and make the lazy EXCUSE that that is the only food that he will eat. Or I can offer him fruits, vegetables and lean protein. With my child having the understanding that mom does not serve crap food, if he is hungry…this is the food that he is going to eat.


Michele Obama views school lunches from the perspective not of a child but from the perspective of a football player.


Maybe she should encourage the same type of exercise program.


Thanks for your posts about studies that measure efficacy of these programs.


That’s not exactly true… My step daughter is head cook at the High School and they make the breakfasts and the lunches…


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