Michael Moore on socialism


Why does it even matter? Does my opinion on the matter really necessitate bagging on it in two posts?

I meant the general construct of a monarchy. Not an absolute monarchy to the point of dictatorship.

Constitutional monarchies are known to be stable, cheaper than republics, less corrupt, and good for the economy because of a phenomenon called the ‘valley of tears’ – a period of stagnation after institutional reforms - doesn’t occur in monarchies. The fact that the role as a monarch is life-long (very few Monarchs abdicate) means they can’t be bought: they can’t gain more power without lots of rule changes in Parliament and they don’t need the money. That means they don’t have leaders cheating their way through polls (like Hilary Clinton) or promising things just to get elected.


Nobody else?


Sorry, I don’t watch Ann Coulter. Can’t say I know anyone else who does either


When it came down to a choice between watching Michael Moore (which you did) or Ann Coulter {which you never,) you seem to have chosen rather poorly.


I think you missed the part of my post where I said I have no use for anything Moore did after he left Flint, Michigan. His Trump prediction made headlines because it was unexpected, and it was posted around virally. I didn’t go seeking out his post to read it.
I don’t watch any TV pundits or comedians. Once in a while I watch Anderson Cooper if he’s not covering politics, that’s about it. If I’m going to waste time watching commentators I prefer Molyneux or Cernovich on Youtube, I don’t always agree with either of them but they say things that make me think. Ann Coulter and Michael Moore only make me think I want to turn the TV off. They’re both so boring.


You are correct. It wasn’t a very kind comment. I’ll edit.


Personally, I think socialism has been a huge disaster. Look at the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Social Democracy in the EU made Europe into a secular wasteland. Although I’m American, constitutional monarchies like Britain look good to me. I think Trump’s a disaster and makes us look like idiots.


I’ll edit as well. Happy Thanksgiving


I agree that socialism is a disaster, however I think there are many reasons the EU has gone secular that have nothing to do with social democracy, the biggest reasons simply being materialism and apathy.
UK is just as much of a secular wasteland as the rest of the continent.


Material benefits, maybe. Spiritually, it’s hard to argue for democracy. Or republicanism. Or monarchy. Or any system at all, really. At the end of the day, democracies have proven to be as corrupt as any other type of government ever tried.


Does anybody think about distributism any more or did that go out with Pope Leo XIII and Dorothy Day?

Just curious…


Like what reasons, Tis?


Materialism. Apathy. Intellectualism - God is seen as being something that stupid peasants believe in, not relevant to smart people in cities. Complacency, as huge disasters like war tend to motivate people to turn back to God, and there hasn’t been a disaster in a while.


Hmm. Good point. Europe being basically leftist since WWII hasn’t helped either. I see us going that way; were it not for our right wing.


Well, the US has less of the hangup about God being for the lower social class (as much as a segment of the college-educated want to snark about this) and about God/ the Church being a tool for government control (since we never had one church in a power position helping run things).


True. Though I’d like to see the Church take a greater role; though that’s antithetical to our Protestant roots.


Just watching both of them talking together on socialism.


I don’t recall the “Parable of the Pie Slices” Moore cites in this video

“Capitalism” is not the alternative to “Socialism.” Socialists are capitalists. Socialists are, in varying degrees, opposed to free enterprise, that is opposed to the individual’s right to own private property. Socialist prefer community ownership to private ownership.

Ownership and the use of property are different – if all own the property then then the right to use property becomes the more important. In the socialist creed, a few know better than the many; they call themselves the “elite.” In socialism, the right to ownership is less important than the right to use.

In the socialist creed, it follows that since the “elite” know better, the “elite” ought to have more use of the common goods. As Orwell wrote of socialism, the pigs (elite) declare that while all are equal, the pigs are more equal than others.


Look into distributism as well as the encyclicals against modern forms of economy by Popes Leo XIII and Pius XII


Yeah, I mentioned that above too.
Why do we not hear about this stuff any more?

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