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Sure! I agree completely. And doctrine also doesn’t say that the gov doesn’t or can’t have a role. And in perfect keeping with subsidiarity, some functions are best left to the top (the doctrine itself implicitly demands that something exists that high up). There seems to be a lot of discussion about what those things are.

I’m going to be as gentle as I can. Your graphic is junk from DeviantArt. No bueno. Look at the key, for Pete’s sake…

This is a lot more useful and reputable:


I don’t think the map is so simple to interpret.


Government spending comes from taxes.
Taxes come from production.
The greater production comes from market economies.

If your production is low (low GDP), much of the wealth goes on subsistence and is not available for taxation.

So on the one hand:

Look at China that has a large subsistence population, it’s colour on the graph for example compared to Japan. Which one has historically had a socialist way of organising their economy?

on the other hand:

look at the difference between north Korea and South Korea and visit both countries.

or the colour for Venezuela, Syria or Lybia being darker than say Australia.


Public spending excludes Govt ownership.



Another interesting map on world growth. You could read the map to suggest those countries with a less government spending are increasing their wealth much faster than those who are spending more. More growth, more production, more wealth.

I think this is generally the trade off. The more the government takes off citizens the less it is used to grow the economy and create more wealth. If the question is regarding the poor (ignoring the theft component) the question would be - is it better to give hand outs today (with others wealth) or leave the wealth alone so that the economy grows and there is more overall wealth in the future.

It seems poorer countries have little choice but to let the economy grow and thus leave the wealth in citizens hands. Richer countries may get away with confiscating and redistributing wealth in the medium term but the longer it goes, the less richer they become.


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