Michael Novak and Christopher Hitchens


"Christopher Hitchens, in some ways a national treasure for the United States, an unusually well-read, graceful, and delightful writer, often witty and even comedic, has opened his soul to an unusual degree. He predicts that his believer friends will be surprised by how harshly antireligious his true views actually are.

Well, he has let fling poisonous invective against one of the most gentle, self-sacrificing, loving souls most of us have ever met, Mother Teresa. He has even called her a “whore.” That is about as gross as the jihadist expectation of seventy-two blue-eyed harlots in the martyr’s Paradise. And he now avows his hatred and enmity against “all that is called God.” I was sorry to see this. But it would be patronizing and unfair to Hitchens to take him at less than his word. Let us look into it more closely…"
Michael Novak

Part of “No One Sees God,” Michael Novak’s look at belief and unbelief is a review of Christopher Hitchens best-seller atheist howls. I’ve put some reading selections here:




I can’t read the heart of Hitchens nor anyone else, and I find his statements about Mother Theresa and The Church to be abhorrent.

But perhaps he’s afraid that it’s all really true—every Word of God. Who knows?

No one should deny Hitchens has some interesting ideas, and is certainly not afraid to speak for himself or be himself. Clearly, some of his thoughts are offensive and silly, but he is free to say them, thank God.

No matter what, we should all pray for him. His health is very poor.

Well, praying for this man is really all you can do. There are people in this world who hate love, kindness, and compassion.

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