Michael O'Brien's "Children of the Last Days" series question

What’s the order of the books?? Are they in trilogy format or are they all just loosely connected by characters and/or themes? I’ve read Strangers and Sojourners and want to read more of his writing, but I figured I should do it in order so I don’t mess up a continuing plot line if there is one.

I’ve read the first four of O’Brien’s books and they are excellent. The first is Father Elijah, then Strangers and Sojourners, Eclipse of the Sun, Plague Journal, Cry of Stone, Sophia House, and he has a new one, Island of the World. I’ve got them at Christianbook.com which has an excellent Catholic page. Go there and type in “Catholic” and the page will come up. Also EWTN might have them as well in their catalog.

God bless your reading of this great Catholic novelist,

I’ve gotten my books used off of Amazon.com pretty cheaply. Scapularkid, let me know what you think of them- I’ve read Fr. Elisha, and I thought it was really good.

I think it’s good to support our Catholic and Christian book companys and EWTN whenever we can over Amazon which sells much that is against our faith.

As to your question about reading them in order. The novels stand well on their own but there is an order and the order I’ve previously given will give you the fullest appreciation of them.

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I understand what you’re saying, but for those on a tight budget, the used books on Amazon are a great deal.

I understand perfectly. It’s just that so many people just automatically think they have the best prices. Check out Christianbook.com and compare. Many books are at incredible prices, particularly their bargain pages. The Catholic page at Christianbook.com has a good bargains page that I often order from.
God bless you!

I have also read the first four books, but :twocents: cannot recommend them beyond the first two – *Eclipse of the Sun *perhaps was not *too *bad, though the story started getting pretty whacky, and only moreso with Plague Journal. While I have not read A Cry of Stone, during the 4 or 5 years waiting for its publication I almost thought he had given up on the series out of disappointment that nothing apocalyptic happened at the millennium.

Two more :twocents: : I have also read his *A Landscape With Dragons *(not part of the Children of the Last Days) – I found it fairly gnostic and unconvincing.

Maybe he’s just not my cuppa :coffee:


Thank you for the heads up, I’ll take a look at the site. :slight_smile:

I just found Father Elijah and have been reading it for about an hour now in my school’s library as I type. I’m on the third chapter and it’s so good I didn’t even realize how far I was until I got to the chapter page and had to double check I had actually read all that I did!!!

It’s really good so far. Father Elijah reminds me somewhat of my senior year high school history teacher, even though he’s not Jewish or Catholic.

But wow, is it good so far. And the moment when he arrives in Rome and passes all the advertisements in the airport…heavy stuff!!:eek:

Order of Publication (I have linked to Ignatius Press website for more info on each title):

  1. Father Elijah
  2. Strangers and Sojourners
  3. Eclipse of the Sun
  4. The Plague Journal
  5. A Cry of Stone
  6. Sophia House

This is not the chronological order, however. Strangers and Sojourners, The Plague Journal, and Eclipse of the Sun (in ***that ***order) form a trilogy within the larger work. The three books cover about 100 year time period from 1900 to the not too distant future. They follow the life of the same family through 4 generations.

Sophia House is sort of like a prequel to Father Elijah. Father Elijah takes place in the not too distant future (roughly the same time as the events in Eclipse of the Sun). Sophia House follows the life of the man who would become Father Elijah during World War II.

A Cry of Stone takes place from 1940 to 1973.

I would read the trilogy in chronological order and Father Elijah before Sophia House. Other than that, it doesn’t matter too much. Each story can stand on its own.

BTW, I love Eclipse of the Sun. It was my favorite by far.

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