Michael Palin travel shows


Has anyone seen Michael’s Palin’s BBC travel programs? He’s done a bunch: Himalaya, Sahara, Pole to Pole, Full Circle and others.

I’ve seen Pole to Pole and am currently watching Himalaya. I also read Sahara and Full Circle. (in Sahara he returned to a location where one of his Monty Python movies was shot!)

What do you think of them?


I saw two of them when our PBS affiliate ran them, maybe two or three years ago, just because it was Michael Palin and I’m a diehard Python fan. I just can’t remember much about them. Could be age or maybe they didn’t make much of an impression. What do you think of them?


Dh and I like them.

He seems respectful of the cultures and religions he encounters, which I appreciate. He’s visited a number of cathedrals and commented on pilgrims. I’ve never detected any silliness when he points them out.

He’s also funny :smiley:


How could he not be funny?? He’s probably funny in his sleep. I should check them out again; maybe they’re on the internet.


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