Michael Savage, Bill Donohue Spar Over Pope's Ideas on Wealth




Why would they choose such an odd pair to discuss this issue.

Surely, there are more respected individuals out there to hash this subject out.


Michael Savage’s birth name is Michaen Wiener (as in hot dog). ::smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


I see your point. Who do you think might be a good choice to hash out this subject? That said, there is more to Michael Savage than the bombastic right-wing character he portrays himself as. He is an excellent storyteller and his show is most interesting when he is discussing with his listeners lighter, non-political topics. He has a PhD in “nutritional ethnomedicine” from UC Berkely. And also has masters degree in anthropology. He used to hang out with Alan Ginsburg. I can understand why some might not like his style or politics, but there is no doubt that he is more than just a right-wing talk radio host. I have wondered at times if his politics are a “shtick” and done to get an audience and make a living. I doubt it though.

Yes, his name was Michael Wiener. I don’t think “Wiener nation” has the same effect as “Savage nation.”



Savage really knows about nutrition.

Also, Rockstar drinks? Check it out, that enterprise is connected to the Savage family

Founded in 1998 by Russell Weiner,[1] the son of conservative talkshow host Michael Savage,[3] Rockstar launched into the fastest-growing segment of the US beverage market at the time: energy drinks.


I’m not really an Energy Drink purchaser, once in awhile.

One thing Rockstar has is Milk Thistle but it’s probably a relatively small amount. Milk Thistle is good for the liver or kidney, I forget. I would think Michael Savage since he knows a lot about nutrition, certainly could have been an adviser in the formulation of the drink.


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