Michael Shaivo - comment from another thread

Yesterday I found a link in a CAF thread but I can’t find the thread now… but I kept the link and sent it to some friends.

This shows a photo of Terri’s gravestone and on the site, they write: in case it’s difficult to see, it reads:

Schiavo, Theresa Marie
Beloved Wife
Born December 3, 1963
Departed this Earth
February 25, 1990
At Peace, March 31, 2005
I Kept My Promise

My friend wrote me back and commented: “If she “died” 15 years ago, then the insurance companies better get their money back, because Michael Schiavo got a lot of money for “care” for someone who was already dead. I think the insurance companies should sue for fraud and get their money back, since they awarded money for care for Terri, but Terri was already dead?!?!”

Interesting thought, no?

[quote=Psalm 37:4-5]I Kept My Promise

Well, to men like Michael Schiavo, a promise is a promise, unless of course it is a promise for sexual fidelity in marriage.

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