Michael Vick in NFL!


NFL is allowing Michael Vick back on the field under some type of probation.

Well, there’s a lack of integrity on the part of the NFL and Vick. Vick was charged with cruelty to animals having had them fight on his property and cruelly executed when the dogs failed to win or got old or injured.

Thirty-eight of the 40 pit bulls were rehabilitated by a CA rescue group. Two of the animals had to be put down.


Here is a bit of the news:

Vick, who has been suspended since August 2007, was released from federal custody on July 20. He is serving three years of probation.

The decision makes Vick, 29, eligible to sign with a team, join it during training camp and play in the final two preseason games. But N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell has not determined when Vick can return to regular-season games. That ruling is to come by Week 6 of the season, in mid-October.

The decision not to allow him back for the start of the regular season prevents the opening weekend of games from being dominated by Vick news



He paid his debt to society. Why should he no be allowed to persue his profession?


He is up for grabs to any NFL team that will have him. I hope he doesn’t play here. :stuck_out_tongue:


*In some ways bob, I agree–BUT–it seems that pro athletes live by a different set of rules than the rest of us. I wouldn’t be permitted to come back to my place of employment, having done the same thing. It would be on my ‘resume’ for every new employer to see, and I’d probably have a REALLY hard time finding something else. That’s the problem I have with these situations–that there seems to be a different set of rules for the rest of us, than pro athletes. Look at Ray Lewis, pulease. :rolleyes: He stabs and killed someone, and is playing in the NFL?

Where have our values gone to in this society? Not for me to judge their souls, but the NFL should not let these men back into the sport. My opinion. If you murder people, dogs, whatever…doesn’t matter…if you can throw or catch a ball…hey, we still love ya. :rolleyes: *


I agree. I don’t know what team will take a risk on him though. PETA and co will boycott and stage protests etc. Maybe he’ll play in the UFL instead.


I suspect he will be picked up within the week.


If he hadnt spent 27 months incarcerated i would agree with you. he has paid a steep price for his crime-time to let him play.


why? why MUST he play? if you or I did the same thing, we wouldn’t be welcomed back to our places of employment with open arms…should people sue who serve jail time, and then want their old jobs back, and their old employers are like…uh, no? Maybe they should.:cool: That would be hilarious!


Sadly, many people see nothing wrong with what Vick did. They do not understand why he was even spending time in jail.

Unfortunately, many Vick fans will welcome him back with loud cheers.

Personally, I don’t get it…I don’t like professional football in the first place. This makes me even less interested (if that is even possible). Here in MN we have the ongoing “Farve drama”. I say, “Who cares?” :shrug: I think watching football is a huge waste of a good 3 hours. I have better things to do with my time.


I also heard that since Vick lost his Nike contract a new shoe company has picked him up … hush puppies


Personally, I think he should be shunned by the entire NFL. It’s time we set a precedent that it’s not acceptable to treat animals abusively. I have a terrier I rescued a year ago who still has psychological issues because of the abuse he endured as a puppy. Violence against animals is just that…VIOLENCE. And if we let it go against animals, it’s only so long before these people move on to killing other people. In fact, it’s one of the risk factors for a serial killer…torturing or killing animals.

I love football, I spend every Sunday afternoon in the fall in front of the TV with my father, and I willl this year too. But I am very disappointed that they’re telling a bunch of kids abusing animals is fine.

<3 Mare

  • You’re bad! :p*


*I agree. These men serve as role models for kids. There needs to be a message sent …yeah, you serve jail time, but you don’t get to walk back onto the football field making millions as though nothing happened. He didn’t run over a dog by accident with a car or something…(and that would be sad, but not intentional) He willfully ran a dog fight ring, where many dogs were not fed, and killed cruelly. Ray Lewis killed A PERSON, and is playing. I completely agree…it sends a terrible message. *


I cant stand Vick. He is the reason that there has been a black cloud over the Falcons. I got so many bad looks when I wear my Falcons clothes. People assume that if you root for the Falcons then you root for Vick. I am a FALCONS fan NOT a Vick fan. As soon as the Falcons legally could they released Vick and washed there hands of him. Besides Matt Ryan is a WAY better QB then Vick was anyway. I honestly dont think any team would take Vick except maybe the Cowboys or Raiders


*Two teams that my dh and I loathe…perfect! :o

Here’s the thing, Vick might very well be sorry for his actions, and he went to jail for his crime. And it’s not for me to judge that aspect of it. But, in my opinion, there needs to be higher standards to be a player within the NFL, etc. He should not be permitted to play again in the NFL, it sends a message…and it sets a high standard of integrity.

My husband feels he paid his debt to society…he doesn’t like Vick though, in general, and feels that the NFL should tighten their standards. *


I agree I was just saying that I wish people wouldnt blame the Falcons for what Vick did.


That’s odd, actually…I didn’t know that. :confused:


He paid his price in jail. I don’t want my team to pick him up, but I don’t think any additional suspension was needed. I could kind of a see a one game suspension just to avoid him being the story on opening weekend.


He paid his debt to society in the legal sense. That doesn’t mean the NFL, a private organization, has to welcome him back. Personally, I would like the NFL as a whole a lot more if they set a precedent that they didn’t want thugs like him playing on their teams.

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