Michael Voris and Michael Coren - Live Interview TONIGHT!

TONIGHT - this evening at 7 p.m., RealCatholicTV.com will be hosting a special taping of Michael Voris interviewing Canadian broadcaster Michael Coren, author of “Why Catholics Are Right”…and you’re invited. To reserve your spot in the studio audience, call 248-545-5716.

If you are in the Detroit or Windsor area, please give a call and reserve your seat!!

Here is a previous interview with the two Mikes previously shot at Michael Coren’s studio:


God Bless,

Now that’s too weird! I promise I had NO idea this was coming and I live in Alberta… way too far away… but look at the thread I started yesterday


I swear God has given me a gift. I will often do these type of things… mention someone’s name and wonder about the person from far away and suddenly that week that person will call, as well as other intuitous things. Just wish I knew how God intends me to use this gift though, these “parlour tricks” I’m sure are not what He intends LOL!

Awesome!!! Thanks so much for your support of RealCatholicTV!! :thumbsup:


I’d love to be there, but live in Ireland. Hopefully I’ll get to meet Michael when he comes here at the end of the month. :thumbsup:

He is very much looking forward to that trip, try to meet him if you can!


Ok, now I have to ask… Lizaanne, do you know Micheal Voris personally? I meant to ask a few other times, and stopped myself, but now my curiosity got the best of me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, he is one of my closest friends, and my husband works for him. :slight_smile:


Well that’s just awesome! He’s definitely a blessing and some people would say a curse to the Church :slight_smile: Those as Michal V said would prefer that everything be a live and let live in the Church anyway… yeah I’m just paraphrasing the idea.

I could definitely see how both Michaels… Voris and Coren could also be personal friends. They seem to have a connection in thought don’t they?

Had to laugh when I saw this. :rotfl:

I had been thinking the same thing but hadn’t the courage to ask. :blush:

Liza, I’ll be doing all in my power to cross the country to meet Michael when he visits.

The interview was really awesome, and Michael Coren stayed to sign books and chat with the audience. It was a very nice evening.

Keep an eye on RealCatholicTV.com - you will see a preview of the show called Roman Forum on the free channel, and the full show will be available on the premium channel. This interview is part of a new show, Roman Forum, where Michael Voris will be interviewing prominent Catholics.


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