Michael Voris - One True Religion

Michael Voris takes on the error of religious relativism.


Sign up for realcatholictv.com. It’s only $10/month and it’s excellent!

Everytime I see a post about CatholicTV I’m also seeing an advertisement to buy their services. Why is that? If not for the fact that long time posters have been doing the pushing I’d suspect we had trolls.

Sorry, I’m not buying. My $10 goes to my offering. :shrug:

You can always sign up for the free account.

No thanks. After all the pushing I’ve seen I’ll stay well away. :slight_smile: It smells too much like propoganda to me.

Yes, there is a fine line between propoganda and shamelessly plugging the Catholic resources we like. :slight_smile:

It does seem like I’ve seen a lot of threads on RealCatholicTV as of late, though. Their support base must be growing. I had never seen their $10 subscription service until recently either. Of course, it does take money to run Catholic apostolates, so I can’t fault them for that. They need to finance their efforts somehow.

Fortunately, there are many great other Catholic resources out there if RealCatholicTV is not your cup of tea. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Well I am not linked to them in anyway, have never given them any money and I admit would never sign up for the premium account, I post their videos because I agree with what they say and it is nice to finally see someone getting the message out at last about the filth in the Church and in our society.

At the same time people who work to try and strengthen the faithful still have bills to pay and overheads to meet so I can understand the need to raise funds. Catholic Answers with some people getting six figure wage packets or even your local parish are no different, we are not in heaven yet and in the world things cost money.

I notice the moderator has allowed Michael Voris’ videos to be discussed again. I think it would only be the honoring thing to discuss the video and not the person.

Okay, that one was short.

I think the problem he gives points out is a huge one in society, but not so much the Church. I would like to point out one clarification. Two contradictory things can not both be true, when the terms used are used in the same way. This is one of the most common area of conflict between two well meaning people or groups. Thus, often the first step in any discussion is defining terms.

Nice, short video. :slight_smile:

It seems to me the problem was not Michael Voris or his videos but the unChristian like behavior of the members here. Fighting and bickering like grade school kids on the play ground.

I am sure that it is not Michael Voris or his videos.

Jesus said it best when he mentioned the plank in our own eye. :slight_smile:

God Bless you.

Thank you michael for taking this apostolate to inform confused Catholics that there is a Truth.

The only thing that turns me off is the whole ‘pay the $10! Pay the $10!’ everytime I see a post about this resource. If a link was posted without the ‘sales pitch’ I might be more inclined to actually pay attention.


There are many other great Catholic resources! Like this place (Catholic Answers website more then the forum - not that the forum doesn’t have good info!).

It seems you are the only one spamming here…

:slight_smile: I apologize then. That wasn’t my intent. I was just curious if anyone else had seen the constant sales pitch (I’ve seen it in many, many threads before stumbling on this thread). In future I will not complain about this particular phenomenon.

Nicky, don’t feel guilty about saying something twice. In the altar girl thread, some posters have repeated themselves constantly. Jack has an “attitude” toward anyone one who disagrees with Michael Voris and/or his network, since his is a devotee of his, so you are coming unfortunately under his radar. Pay it no mind.

It is Off Topic.

And by bringing it up, and it seems several keep bringing it up, then you are contributing IMO.

The “sales pitch” is at the end of the video and is preceeded by a snowy static screen so it is easy to turn off at that point. They do run on donations, much like EWTN and other types like this, and it is to be expected. Yet I never saw someone complain about EWTN asking for money. Actually I cannot think of complaining like this for any video or media source.

Anyhow… I was not meaning to be inconsiderate but I am tired of the off topic complaining and it seems petty. If someone has a problem with a media source and their asking for funding then start another thread.

Sorry for going so off topic myself.

Nice video on Relativism. :slight_smile:

I think the “sales pitch” nick is talking about is the one that seems to appear here at the forum in any thread that talks about something from RealCatholicTV, not the ones that appear in the videos themselves.

The forum at Catholic Answers is much more user friendly and popular than the discussion board at RCTV. Board members here at CAF include members of RCTV who were no less involved in the fighting and bickering. In response to some criticism, Michael Voris explained that the RCTV is not limited to the Vortex and CIA program which consists of a lot of negative information within the Catholic Church. Well, Catholic Answers is not limited to the Catholic Answers Forum. Each apostolate has different and unique ways of evangelizing.

That is all very good. But if some one makes a post and people start posting off topic then it should stop sooner than later. I think we all post something off topic at times. But when there are pages that are off topic then we have become very inconsiderate. Sometimes it is best to start a new thread and leave the old for it to go back on topic.

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