Michael Voris Question

I just created an event on facebook to get young Catholics energized about their faith and a person in support of the event posted a Michael Voris video on why “Catholic is the New Cool.” I am wondering if I should leave it up or take it down because Michael Voris seems more like the kind of guy that Catholics with considerable amount of knowledge about their faith would be attracted to and those that know little to nothing might be turned away. Any suggestions on what to do?


Leave it… Michael is AMAZING! I love watching his videos!


In my opinion we need more lay people, deacons, priests and bishops that are more like Michael Voris and not afraid to speak the truth.

I am only four years old as a Catholic and I found Michael just 2.5 years ago and have learned very much from his teaching.

Christianity is Truth and it will turn some people off.

Always remember we are engaged in war with only two outcomes Eternal Life or Eternal Death!

Never, never, never compromise with evil.

Another perspective: I’m new to all this and walked out of a Sunday school meeting after a Voris clip was shown.

I went home and watched some Fr. Barron. I think you can tell the truth without being a mean-spirited showman.

I think that’s a great video! Michael Voris is extremely popular with younger Catholics because he doesn’t sugar coat the truth, and tells it like it is. I think that really appeals to younger people, especially young men, because there are way too many out there who soft pedal the effects of sin, and never focus on the challenges and struggles of being holy as a 20 something in today’s society. He does that, and it works.

Now - that being said - be aware that there are some on this forum who will come here and bash the daylights out of him and his apostolate. It happens all the time here, so just expect it. Sadly, some folks just need something to get in a bunch about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job with the Facebook page though - I think it’s awesome that you are trying to evangelize to your peers in a way that is accessible a interesting to them!!

You may want to also check out the St. Paul Street Evangelization group on Facebook - facebook.com/CatholicStreetEvangelization

They are a great group of young people taking it to the streets!!


Good point!

I agree and I do really like Fr. Barron’s approach to things but I also realize that some of the most successful evangelists were ones that spoke passionately and fiery. Take St. Francis De Sales for example: he called Protestantism a heresy, backed it up, and ended up converting 72,000 people to the faith in just four years

SurlyMermaid (who is clearly not so surly): You rock! :thumbsup:


Take it down. Too much risk of being counterproductive. I think your read on Vorhis in your initial post is spot on.

He tells it like it is, but comes on too strong. Not the right approach IMO for those just now trying to first explore their faith, and I speak as both a deacon and a father of four teenagers who despise the guy (I don’t but I have a different perspective than they do)

BTW, with all due respect to lizzanne, I think she is actually affiliated with Michael Vorhis’ apostolate. I may be wrong, but her previous posts and her signature indicate such, so maybe not the least biased opinion there.

I do not work for the apostolate, but Michael Voris is a close personal friend, and my husband works for him. Does that mean I am biased? I suppose so - but where is there a problem with actually liking someone and what they do??

I’m all about full disclosure. :smiley:


Hi YoungCatholic!

I’m put in mind of that scene in Fiddler on the Roof where Tevye is asked to judge an argument.

*Tevye hears one side, strokes his beard, then says “You’re Right!”
The other side makes its case passionately, and Tevye says “You’re Right!”
A bystander, angered comes over and says,
“First you say HE’s right, then you say HE’s right. They can’t BOTH be right!”
Tevye listens, strokes his beard and says “You too … are RIGHT!”
I sort of agreed with all the posts above. :wink:

You yourself probably can measure your unique audience best. Part of that audience posted the Michael Voris video. You seem to have some neophyte Catholics, or perhaps just-warming-up to their faith people or someone you feel might need more gentle encouragement to move to their next step (my impression, sorry if I got it wrong). So you are discerning what to do. Very Wise.

I laughed at the popcorn eating post. Not much counsel there, but perhaps more prudence than I’m offering. So, more wise discernment.

THEN someone gives you some counsel. Voris is great. Leave it up.

And like Tevye I say yes again.

Watch it once more to discern if the Holy Spirit is in the Voris piece. If it IS … roll with it. Even if people initially draw back. Jesus often challenged others too. And sometimes
a challenge can be the seed of the word.

I remember being “almost offended” when I first began reading Fulton Sheen’s “Life of Christ” due to the authors’ self confidence and certitude … and the fact that he stated facts without a tedious explanation for each (speaking UP to the audience, as if that audience was knowledgeable and ready for the “meat” of the word).

As I went along in the book my question marks in the margin became exclamation points(I began to “get it”).

So my counsel agrees with your “leave Michael up” poster … without criticizing your caution to this point. All the more since YOU didn’t post it, but part of your community did.

If I was you, view the Voris clip yourself, anticipate what (if any!) complaints or questions you might get … and then how to answer them.

I would also counsel - don’t be too quick to remove a good thing at the slightest request. Or to not include something because it’s – too good, too advanced, or states a truth too forcefully.


I was once President of a thriving Young Adult Ministry in our Diocese. Non-Catholics were allowed to make our retreat-like “weekend” experience - which was a sort of practical demonstration (as well as presentation) of the Catholic faith and a graduated call to a deeper, more adult and committed faith life.

Our diverse group was a blessing and a curse sometimes (I speak only of the difficulty of what to do NOW with a diverse group).

**Strong Catholics hungry for MORE - **had to endure or roll with the gentle icebreaking, introductions, and non-profound Friday night program which featured an almost secular “Who am I?” talk/sharing by a peer. Love of God evidenced - but by design - no high theology YET.

Nominal Catholics, “Christian” non-Catholics, and the willing unChurched - had to
stretch their comfort zones as each sharing on Saturday and Sunday moved to a deeper level. Pretty quickly too.

Sometimes we’d have visiting priests (not on the retreat to get a feel for who they had with them) come in to do a mass for us.

I DO remember hearing what would have been a great “Super Catholic” call to greatness by a priest … who criticized a sort of phony Christianity. He probably also meant uncommitted Catholics, but it came across to some as considering “other Christian denominations” as “wrong, VERY wrong.”

He may not have known about our policy and that about 8 of our candidates were non-Catholics. Some of these folks were REALLY attracted toward being with us … until Fathers’ sermon - coupled with their confusion about not being able to receive communion (not always well explained beforehand in our ministry) :frowning: But we did “lose” or seemed to lose some people.

Who knows though, maybe the seeds he sowed that day have born fruit by now.

YOU may have the job of trying to keep it all together. But the Holy Spirit knows how to do that. And in general … high standards (not impossible however, lol) are better than going with the “lowest common denominator” when we are doing the Lord’s work.

One strategy you might employ re:Voris. Use it as a conversation starter. A “What do you think?” on the matter. Put it neutrally. Then challenge both sides (unless there is NO controversy … then just smile).

“That Michael Voris piece that a member posted SURE got some important discussions going. What did you like about it? Do you think it’s too heavy for beginners or a good challenge?”

That way you don’t step on the member who showed leadership in bringing a good thing to your organization; but you modify the hows and wheres and even IFs of whether the presentation will: always be up, up for a short period of time, judged not appropriate (for now), or not-right-for-us.

God bless you YoungCatholic for stepping out and being a leader!

Michael Voris does have some good videos. The Vortex is more a way of “sounding off” than it is being an apologist for the Faith. As one who has experienced persecution for being faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, I can understand that. The most recent Vortex videos showing where Romanian priests and other Catholics were imprisoned and tortured is quite good. But sometimes people have questions about some of the “sounding off” Vortex videos and the treatment by supporters of that apostolate are often very uncharitable towards those who have questions. It seems that every time a new Michael Voris thread shows up, his supporters want to throw the first punch :stuck_out_tongue:

Another Michael Voris thread?


In the words of Jimmy Page, “Nah, leave it. Yeah.”

And maybe add this: youtube.com/watch?v=m_4PSgFjtvI :smiley:

I know - crazy, right?

As Mother Angelica once said (I paraphrase from memory) “If you are not making someone angry, then I question your Christianity.”


I think that what people fail to realize or maybe don’t even know, is that behind Michael Voris is an AMAZING team of young people - talented writers, cameramen, editors, producers, and support staff - THEY are really the apostolate. Michael started it, certainly, but it’s so much bigger than just him. He’s the face you see, because he’s in front of the camera most of the time, but what is behind him is a team of people who so deeply love the Faith, and are giving up so very much to help save souls, and help people get holy.

So none of these things that people say about Michael Voris that are slanderous or just plain nasty impact only him - they impact the entire team of people who believe in the fullness of truth, are loyal to the Magisterium, and who love Christ and His Church to the depths of their souls.

And don’t think for one minute that they don’t see the comments. Believe me, they know what’s said about their hard work. So before the mud starts slinging (yet again :rolleyes: ) - just think about that please, and consider those you don’t see.


It would be wise for Michael Voris’s apostolate to realize that any good done by them can be overshaddowed by the uncharitableness of it’s members.

I suppose that’s a matter of opinion then now isn’t it. What’s uncharitable to one, is charity to another.


I have to honestly say that Michael Voris has taught me a lot about my own faith as has many right here on CAF especially in the Sacred Scripture forum.

Uncharitable? Nah, just honest in a direct way. I love his videos that are straight forward, no beating around the bush, direct and to the point and certainly educational.

Catholics have been silent for so long that sometimes I think people do not expect us to actually be so vocal about our religion and the history behind it.

Michael Voris—:thumbsup:

Lol. It’s funny, even though his name is in the title, I thought the OP YoungCatholic was looking for guidance on beginning a new ministry. In that light the Yea/Nay of whether to include a Michael Voris video and the pros and cons of either action seemed to be what he was looking for.

I must admit, my posted answer would have been different if the thing posted had been a famous “Liberation Theology” proponent (for example).

If one’s ministry is more to “milk of the word” beginners in the faith expect questions to be asked following a Michael Voris video. It’d be good to have someone authoritative to answer them.

I came down in favor of the video. But preparing oneself for consequences beforehand can lead to good planning and presenting things in the best possible way.

LOL. When I posted previously there were just 3 posts showing. I humorously said I agreed with all of the above posts - when I revisited this section … I was not poster number 4 but … NUMBER 11 ! YOY. I agreed to more than I bargained for … won’t do THAT kind of posting again. :smiley:

Michael Voris is wonderful–and don’t pay any attention to the so-called “meanspirited” charges. He is a humble, kind man in love with his faith and on fire for souls.

And you’re right about outspoken saints; the same can be said of St. Francis Xavier, who condemned outright the heresies of the pagans, and converted 3 million souls in his 10 years in the Far East. We need more bold, uncompromising saints these days unafraid to speak the truth, regardless of the blowback.
God bless,

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