Michael Vorris

I’ve just started listening to MV and am wondering what those familiar with him and his ideas think of him.

(Just want to add a word of caution to this discussion–in the past threads on MV get contentious and have caused problems. Proceed with great caution)

I’ve been a fan of RealCatholic now ChurchMilitant for a while. I find it really enlightening and I learn a lot, but at the same time I have friends that don’t like him as much mainly because of the way he gives out his message. I find he speaks a lot of truths though, and, from what I’ve seen (keeping in mind I haven’t seen all the Vortexes or most other ChurchMilitant shows), they hasn’t said or promoted anything that contradicts Catholic teaching.

It really all depends on the way you like people talking about specific topics. Some think he’s too harsh, others say it’s exactly what we need. It’s really all dependent on the person.:slight_smile: Personally, I’m a fan. :thumbsup:

My opinion: MV is usually 100% correct.

IMO, Michael Voris loves the Church very much and does his best to defend it, but He is not the Pope or the Magesterium and sometimes he can err. He can be very abrasive in his style. Some people like that, I sometimes find it rather offensive. If one is investigating Catholicism, I would not recommend they listen to him. I would recommend others who speak the truth, but don’t sound like a fire and brimstone street preacher. They probably have had enough of that already.

Then there are those who need a wakeup call, but often they don’t respond to that style of preaching. Some do, though.

And it is not a sin to dislike him and disagree with him on some things, though some would have you believe that.:wink: Things can get pretty heated when Michael Voris is discussed. Proceed with caution and do not be afraid to do your own thinking when it comes to Michael Voris.

His a sensationalist, something that is contrary to how our faith should be preached. Some of his episodes I bothered to investigate further is chock full of errors but always presented in a way to stir up the emotions of those who already believe in him. I don’t think his show will convert anyone. But it does seem to work for some of those who are already devout. My opinion on it is that if someone is on the fence and watches his show, they are more likely to fall off and out of the Church.

I think he’s a classic example of “If you can’t get past the messenger, you won’t hear the message.”

He was a major aid in my conversion, I really like him as he is rarely in error and speaks in a relativly easy to understand manner. I think most who get offended do so as they hold to some of the views he attacks.I have never had a major problem with him.

Yes, sadly most of these threads wind up getting shut down. :o

Some people love him, some people hate him. I always urge people not to use a person’s opinion of Voris (or any other Catholic apologist, for that matter) as a litmus test for that person’s doctrinal fidelity. It is possible to be a faithful Catholic and not like Voris’ offerings because of his method and style.

This is an example of the line of thinking I really urge people to stay away from. It is possible to find someone’s presentation offensive even if you agree with the substance.

Wrong assumption. I hold most of his “traditionalist” views, and I still am offended by him. I find him entertaining to watch every-so-often, but he’s brash, emotional, and rude. Some of his videos are semi-schismatic (as they advocate disobeying the bishops, and talk down on the bishops, especially his video on receiving the Eucharist in the hand, and his recent video on Cardinal Pell of Sydney, Australia), and thus problematic. Again, he’s entertaining to watch every once and awhile, but his videos are angry and full of himself. I would never recommend watching him consistently.

I am an example of such offensive reaction.

all liberals and “spirit of vatican 11” would like to see him stopped. a good indication of what he talks about.

nothing wrong with fire and brimestone, in fact the gospel talks more about hell than heaven, does that make Jesus a fire and brimestone street preacher

To answer the OP’s question. Dont care for MV’s style. I prefer bother JPII and Benedict XVI much more.

For me, much better and wise use of my time and attention. :slight_smile:

(Doesnt hurt that they are/were both Vicars of Our Lord… :smiley: )

There are surely better messengers than him. People should read more the writings of our Pope and even Pope John Paul II.

I enjoy watching the Vortex and agree with Michael on alot of subjects.I prefer people who are up front with their stace on a particular subject(say what they mean and mean what they say)I have never heard him say anything that is against Church teaching.

I agree. I’m a strong advocate of reading up on papal encyclicals or translations of Wednesday audiences. They really aren’t that hard to read, and they still contain a lot of great spiritual information. Or if a Holy Father has written a book or (like Pope John XXIII) has his journal or personal notes published, also good reading material.

Or anyone with a theological degree greater than an STB :stuck_out_tongue: After all, would you rather read a physics article with someone with a PhD in physics or a BS in physics?

It would depend on how the article is presented.If you have a PHD in Physics but can’t write an article that a non PHD can understand…

MV helped me and a few others decided to become Pagans oddly enough.

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