Michelle Obama is the popular choice to run for president in 2020 after the Donald Trump win



**The Donald Trump win devastated many who wanted America to elect its first female president.

However, some have already cast aside their previous female candidate, Hillary Clinton, and are now endorsing another potential first female president - Michelle Obama.

The First Lady to Barack Obama is very popular and many think she would be in with a chance of winning the election for the Democrats in 2020.**

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Since we’re playing hypothetical situations, it would be interesting to see her go up against Nikki Haley at some point in the future.




I was (and am still) upset that the GOP nominated Donald Trump. I feel this is worse.


I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, that’s for sure, and I agree with you on both counts. But I guess they’re just throwing her name out there to gauge public reaction. She certainly seems popular and well-liked, a million times more so than Hillary. Which I guess isn’t saying that much.


So now instead of it just being two families from which we keep going nominees/potential nominees (Bush, Clinton) we’re going to add a third?


I vote for Mary, Queen of Heaven.


If we are determined to return to familial rule, why not just ask the British Empire to let us back in?

(Hey, it would solve the healthcare issue…)



And this morning I head some talking heads talking about Chelsea Clinton possibly having political ambitions and George P Bush as well. Enough!


I think the Repub primary pretty well iced the potential for continuation of a Bush dynasty, and I think this general election sealed it off for a Clinton dynasty as well.

Oops! The topic.

I don’t think Michelle Obama would stand a chance in a general election, and probably not in a primary either. If nothing else, I think Elizabeth Warren would knock her out in a primary, even if it was held today.


Most popular choice where? The only place I’ve seen this is right here.


This just shows how skimpy the Democrat bench is. We have no statesmen - sorry, statespeople - any longer — just politicians who manage to survive the media.


Wasn’t Paul Ryan the favourite to be the next Republican presidential nominee after Mitt Romney’s loss?



What is it about first ladies and they having to run for office? Talk about megalomania.


Indeed. Campaign imaginings right after an election are no more than losing-side consolation dreams.



In 4 years, Elizabeth Warren will be 71 years old. I suspect she’s missed her chance at a Presidential run if she’d ever thought about it. Though, as an aside, I think this really demonstrates how thin the Democrat bench is. They really don’t have any relatively young up and comers like a Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, or Ted Cruz waiting in the wings.



And could we PLEASE have our first woman president NOT be someone who rides into office on her husband’s coat-tails? Are we really ready to say that there are no women out there who could be elected to the presidency based on their own merits and their own political careers? I’m not.




Hopefully not. I personally like Mrs. Obama, but having her run is just smells like Clinton Redux. She’s a Washington insider now, one with far less experience than Mrs. Clinton had going into 2016. They need to find some fresh blood outside the dynastic political family model. Someone fresh and new who has experience but not so much as to be a permanently tainted Washington insider (or someone in a Sander’s vein who has spent their career being a contrarian in Washington).


You have got to be kidding me. Honestly, there should be a law passed that states the current spouse of a previous President cannot be elected President. Reason: it’s basiclly a way to get around the 2 term limit.

Now, a widow(er) or divorsee may be elected, but I strongly believe that the current spouse of a former President should not be allowed to run for the Presidency.



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