Michelle Steel, GOP Candidate Who Flipped Blue CA Seat Red, Says ‘Republican Party Is Growing’

This (even in California) makes me wonder how much MORE of this we would see with honest elections with one legal person, one legal vote for our adult citizens?

Congratulations Michelle Steel!


Michelle Steel, GOP Candidate Who Flipped Blue CA Seat Red, Says ‘Republican Party Is Growing’

By Eric Quintanar

Nov 13, 2020 DailyWire.com

Paul Bersebach/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images

Congresswoman-elect Michelle Steel (R-CA), who managed to flip a blue Congressional seat to the Republican Party in the 2020 election, told Fox News this week that she won by sticking to the issues and believes the coalition of Republican voters is growing.

“The Republican Party is growing. You know, me, with my accent, I still won and people actually, when we stick to the issues, and we just try to work with residents and work for residents, I think we’re going to keep winning,” remarked the congresswoman-elect.

Steel, 65, who speaks English as a third language, was born in South Korea and raised in Japan. During the interview, she shared that she first decided to run for public office after her mother, a small business owner, was “harassed” by a state tax agency (for what she has previously described as an “unwarranted” tax bill).

“That’s the way I started. This is my fifth election. I won all five,” Steel told Fox News. “You know what? I stand for American Dream.” . . . .

. . . Steel managed to beat incumbent Congressman Harley Rouda (D-CA) by about two points in an Orange County district that Rouda himself flipped blue in the 2018 midterm elections . . .


Good for Michelle Steel. I think a strong two-party system is the way to go. Unfortunately, today the major parties are not so strong due largely to radicals on both sides of the aisle. The influence of Trumpism has also not helped matters. So I agree with Steel that the Republican Party is growing, but with far-right extremists more than true-blue, or rather true-red, conservatives of the old school.

The Atlantic has an interesting article about old school conservatism, voting Republican, and Latinos. No extremism noted; rather, a call for personal responsibility and traditional values.
From the article:
“Enriquez is one of millions of Latinos casting a ballot for Trump this year. Nearly a third of Latinos routinely vote for Republicans in American elections, and the Trump campaign’s appeals to them show an understanding of their unique worldview, one rooted in deeply held beliefs about individualism, economic opportunity, and traditional social values. Across nationality, class, immigrant experience, and age, Trump-voting Latinos have one thing in common: a different vision from other Latinos of what it means to be American—and they believe their liberal counterparts and the broader public just don’t understand that.”


Another article, by Mike Madrid, echoes this assessment:

What Democrats Don’t Understand About Latino Voters

“It all boils down to understanding that you are in charge of your own kind of predicament,” Enriquez told me. “America, we’re really at the crossroads of either self-governance or being dependent on the government—and Hispanics know very well which decision they need to be making.”

The BBC just published an article on this subject which cites responses to Gallup and Harris polls.
Among the information offered was this take on male black voters and immigration issues. given the concerns about competition for jobs, one wonders if we might see increasing numbers of blacks aligning themselves with the republican party as they recall the record low unemployment they experienced during the Trump presidency.
"A 2018 Harvard-Harris poll also found that black Americans are more in favor of reducing legal immigration than any other demographic - 85% said they wanted immigration to be reduced from its current level, and 54% chose the strictest options available - allowing fewer than 250,000 immigrants into the country per year, or even saying they would want to allow no immigrants at all. In an article in the LA Times that same year, former diplomat Dave Seminara suggests this is because young black men in the US “often compete with recent immigrants for low-skilled jobs”.
The Gallup poll cited, notes high levels of disapproval in regard to illegal immigration.
“A 2017 Gallup poll, for example, found that 67% of Hispanic people said they worried a great deal or fair amount about illegal immigration - higher than the proportion of non-Hispanic white people (59%) who answered the same way.”

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