Michigan fitness gym deems student's outfit inappropriate



Planet Fitness Gym in Detroit tells 17 year old that her tank top is inappropriate and she would require wearing a t shirt. Having watched the video the gym is idiotic as there is nothing inappropriate about it at all.


Yeah thats absolutely ridiculous. They would have a conniption if they saw what girls wore in gyms in south florida.


I don’t get it.

I ago to the Y and many women wear those.

Is this some kind of Christian fundamentalist gym?

Heck, I’d let my daughter (once older) wear that and I’m pretty conservative in that regard.


No it’s just a strange type of Gym. They have a limited amount of free weights, and countless aerobic machines. Which tells you what clientele they serve. My guess is somebody felt threatened by a younger female catching the eye of other gym goers.

They complain to the manager, who may be new, and will certainly be gone in six months. So, you get Andrea Isom, and her camera crew.



Why is this news? It is a privately owned gym, right?




I’m just a Canadian here but doesn’t the first Amendment of the right to free speech include speaking about the policies of a privately owned business?


Judge for yourself: Is this taut young teen’s outfit inappropriate? Good ole “news” never disappoints.


How in the world did you pull out your right to free speech in response to my questions? I didn’t call for the government to silence you. I asked a simple question.

Let me ask again and see if you can answer the question.

Why is this story even news?

Can you, using your First Amendment rights (even if you are a Canadian), answer that question?




The great thing about the compared to most gyms is they charge $10/month, no commitment. also 24/7. it was rather Spartan for my taste, but they had more than enough equipment.

I like that there are entities out there that make themselves accessible to as many people as possible. Lifetime fitness on the other hand charges us $145/ month per family.

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This is Detroit, so my first guess would be a Muslim sensitivity.

Plus, none of the “fundamentalist Christians” I know have a problem with this kind of attire. The only Christian groups I’m familiar with that would think it’s too immodest (e.g. very traditional/plain Catholics, Amish, breakaway Mormon sects) are not the kind of folks that want to get into operating major gym franchises in suburban/metro neighborhoods.


It’s little, local news for that area because a fellow citizen and patron was wronged. This story most likely wont make the Washington Post or New York Times. Just a little local story.



There is not enough of the story for us to know. She could have acted in certain manners just as much as any conjecture on the story.


Might or might not be. Why would that make it not news?

I believe that all our Canadian friend was trying to suggest is that people who are upset with a business practice have the right to speak out about it.


I have been a member at one of their locations for about 5 years. It is certainly more utilitarian than most, but on the other hand, at $10 a month it is hard to beat.


Personally, I think a gym has the right to say “no tank tops”. But they should be consistent. Ban them from everyone.

As far as who complained, the girl is under age. Perhaps someone (who knew she was under age) had trouble keeping his eyes off her.

Personally, as a father, I get disturbed by young girls showing skin (back, shoulders, thighs, cleavage, belly, top or bottom of butt, etc).

yes, I’m not a fan of string bikinis too; but I do think that swim wear is different them gym wear or even what you wear going to the mall.

Let’s keep in mind that tops like that were not seen in the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim worlds until the 20th century for a reason.

In today’s society we do not consider scandal to be a sin. Causing someone else to sin because of what you are wearing is a sin. Though no one thinks of that anymore.

Food for thought.

Honestly, what disturbs me the most about this whole thing is how a 17 year old feels entitled to not just storm off and defy an adult who works at the store, but also wants to bad mouth a the gym just because she didn’t agree. The news wouldn’t have even known had she not make a huge stink and perhaps called them.

God Bless


Oh come now,

There is no “scandal” here. That top is fine and not immodest by any stretch of the imagination.


There was a nearly identical story last week about a woman somewhere else, maybe Georgia, who was asked by Planet Fitness to wear something other than a tanktop. At that gym, the reason given was that other patrons felt intimidated by her physique.

I would characterize her physique as thin. :shrug: Not bulging with muscles, not scary fit, just simply thin and healthy. :shrug:

But that’s Planet Fitness’s reputation. It has nothing to do with scandal, religious viewpoints, etc. Planet Fitness very strictly caters to its client base.


Planet Fitness is actually pretty consistent in applying their rules to keep out - their words, not mine - lunkheads. They don’t have dumbbells higher than 45lbs and ban tank tops and other gear to show of your physique at the gym.


That’s why I don’t go there. The $10 monthly fee is very enticing, but not enough for me to live by those rules.


This young lady is not wearing inappropriate clothing. This story is hard to believe! Planet Fitness is a joke.

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