Michigan mayor apologizes for anti-gay Facebook post

"A Michigan mayor has apologized for anti-gay comments she apparently posted on Facebook over the summer.

“Yes I said it, yes I accept full responsibility,” Troy, Michigan, Mayor Janice Daniels told CNN affiliate WDIV on Monday. “Yes I regret it, yes I am sorry.”

A group of student demonstrators gathered outside Troy City Hall on Monday in protest of Daniels’ comments and had called for her to step down."


The facebook post in question occured before she was elected mayor. Her comment probably was out of line. She could have expressed her views without relying on a slur some consider offensive.

Probably not appropriate, but no reason for her to step down, especially if it was before she became mayor.

It is too bad it didn’t come out before she was elected. I really don’t know where exactly I stand on it. On one hand I believe she had a right to say it. On the other hand an elected official using degrading slurs in a semi-public forum is troublesome, even if it was before she was elected. There are definitely ways for her to state her position on gay marriage without using language intended to offend a group of people.

Many homosexuals call themselves “queers”.The name is in the title of groups such as “Queer Nation”. I have little problem with what she said, after the full court press over past decades which has shoved insane ideas such as gay marriage, gay adoption and open homosexuality in the services down America’s throat. :frowning: Rob

Even if some use that term many find it offensive, and she obviously used it in that way.

Regardless of your stance on those things you are still okay with her using a deratory slur to refer to a group of people? If a candidate was opposed to affirmative action would you be okay with her saying “N****** shouldn’t get preferntial treatment”?

Well black people don’t usually create groups called neighbor action or national association for the rights of neighbor, every sodomite and their mother has an organization where Queer is a positive word for the advancement of their actions in society. Queer Action, Queer Theory, Queer Anarchy, etc. They haven’t so much embraced the words as blacks embraced neighbor, but they have taken over the word just as they took over the word gay. It is no slur.

So you would have no problem referring to a gay person as a queer to his or her face?

Even if it isn’t a clear cut slur, if she was using it in a clearly derogatory manner then it certainly isn’t the type of speech a Catholic can morally support. It isn’t like she is trying to excuse her behavior either, if she is willing to admit that she spoke uncharitably and feels the need to apologize then that is more or less an open and shut case. No one was closer to her thoughts than her and apparently she felt she was not speaking properly at the time.

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