Michigan State students fight to keep women-only study lounge


The women’s lounge at Michigan State University has long been a special spot on campus, a place where female students say they could study and relax free of unwanted attention.

But when students return to campus next month, the lounge’s women’s-only status will be gone, replaced by a gender neutral space open to all students. It’s a change that’s upset students who say the lounge was a “safe place” free of male hostility.

“If I felt like I was being harassed or scared, I could go there and I would be safe,” said Elizabeth Dziedzic, a sophomore who visited the lounge about once a week during her freshman year.

“Women need a safe place to go, and sometimes dorms aren’t even the safest place.”



I think if the women want a woman only study lounge they should have one.


Agreed. :thumbsup:


I wonder if requests for a male-only study space would be met as sympathetically. The liberals who have adopted doctrinaire gender equality can’t have it both ways. If men can’t be kept out of women’s rest rooms or locker rooms, how could they be kept out of women’s study spaces? For what it’s worth, I think the women should have their space, but they who ride the back of the tiger wind up inside, or something.


A women only lounge! How marvelously heretical!

Next thing you know, they’ll be talking up women only clubs, or women only schools, or women only dorm rooms.


A similar situation occurred recently at Harvard, with the administration sanctioning same sex clubs. Who protested? Women students, whose own clubs will be adversely affected.


If colleges wouldn’t have gotten rid of the single sex dorms, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Coed by room dorms has done nothing except promote fornication. And now they have coed by bed dorms at some colleges.

And the Democrats think this is “progress”


A working definition of “progress” is something like “the normalization of serious sin, oftentimes mortal sin.”

Our ancestors would be appalled.


The problem with that it that, today, anyone can choose to identify as a woman, and the full force of the US government will back them.


Maybe University is vastly different outside of the USA, but where I come from, I was never once harassed while studying. Ever. If a guy came up to a girl and randomly asked her out in the library, that would have been very, very strange (to put it mildly).

Women’s only lounges for studying sound silly. If harassment is an issue while studying, then there is a serious flaw that needs to be addressed in that university.


Sexual assault at colleges in the U.S. is an increasingly prevalent problem.



I often think about things like this. If men are sexist for wanting male only health clubs, et cetera then why is it okay to have female only areas and not consider it sexist? Given that we are now told that gender and sex are nothing but social or psychological constructs then it seems there is no reason to have a gender specific study area to be “safe”.

Personally I have zero problem with having male or female only study areas, but it should be unilateral and not this “all genders are equal, but women are more equal” and need their own “safe spaces”.

Just sounds like the liberals and academics are getting exactly what they asked for, a society that is blind to gender or sex.


I don’t. College is a place for adults. In the real world, you don’t get to do this.

If a student feels unsafe, they need to report it so the issue can be dealt with and so the threatening person doesn’t go on to find a new target. If there’s nothing to report, then it’s on the student to put on her big girl panties and learn to feel comfortable around the other half of the human population.


Adults do this all the time. And if women, in college or in private life, wish to do certain things only with other women, who am I to think I have the right to be part of it? Who is any man to do it?

Can you imagine that, simply because you don’t see compelling reasons for women to ever wish to be exclusively with women, doesn’t mean you ought to tell them they can’t?


Don’t get me wrong, women have a right to private clubs and groups just like men do. And if a group of girls wants to go to one of their dorms and study without guys, go for it.

But, there are a lot of good reasons why men-only academic and professional organizations have been integrated, and under the same principles, there shouldn’t be women-only ones either. This goes quadruple for state universities, which are funded with everyone’s tax dollars.


I think the fact that women-only groups can’t be funded if the rationale for integrating men’s groups is to be followed, shows that the rationale is faulty.

It forces us to follow that thread backward. Women reasonably can be expected to wish to do some things, sometimes, exclusively with women. Makes sense to think, then, that men do also. Thus, all men’s groups need not have been abolished. Disallow some, for specific reasons, but don’t disallow all, because integration must always be the right answer.


you make a good point!


This isn’t about women only groups. It’s about women only study lounges. Dorms all have study lounges and most (if not all) are within the dorm security, meaning only students who live in that dorm have access to that study lounge. If the colleges still maintained single sex dorms (or had more of them), then single sex study lounges would be available inside their dorms.

In regards to single sex study lounges in the library or some public commons (at the student center, etc.), no, there should not be any. But it is 100% valid to have a single sex study lounge inside a single sex residence hall.


I agree with this. I really do. But I still admit I was glad when I moved to a co-ed dorm my sophomore year. It’s actually how I met my husband. The previous year it was all girls, and boy, the DRAMA. Gag me. Maybe it’s because I grew up with boys and felt more comfortable in a co-ed environment. But you’re absolutely right about it encouraging sleeping around, and a lack of modesty. There are a ton of pitfalls. There were several nights I hit the walls back with a broom. I’m such a curmudgeon.


Not a woman, and I agree, given the circumstances.

This is key, and that’s why I’d say the situation with an all-women lounge is different from an all-male social club. It’s a question of personal safety and wanting a safe space.

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