Michigan Woman Assaulted After Her Same-Sex Wedding Was Featured on the News



I’m not posting this to prove any kind of point, but people have asked for evidence that gay people live their lives in fear of violence in this day and age, and I figured I’d post this to show that it does, indeed, happen.


I think the people that would think that are the same ones that say that Catholics are persecuted in this country. :rolleyes:


The comments about Christians in that article are pretty hateful in nature too.
Was it a “Christian” who did this? The article didn’t state the persons’ religious affiliation.

One of those who took part in the assault waited until the person regained consciousness, and then kicked her? I guess so the victim could identify the attacker? :shrug:

The “couple” was on the news, then recognized and attacked.
Seems like a follow up story is coming.

A lot of questions left unanswered.
One thing for certain though, violence is NOT the answer.

Praying for everyone involved.


I didn’t see any mention of Christians in the news article. Has it been edited?


Sorry, should’ve been more clear. The comments** section. **
Big difference I know.


Don’t be facetious/sarcastic/uncharitable.
Maybe there is no outright persecution in the U.S.----but there IS definite proven discrimination against Christians of all stripes in this country.

At the very least, there is a massive anti-Christian feeling in this country where expressions of faith and religious liberty are deemed less worthy than the rights of “discriminated against/protected” groups.

And given the course our country has taken for about the roughly the last thirty or so more years (including, secularization, increasing intrusion of the federal government into private life, more power given to the state over the individual, etc.) it would not be a stretch to say we might not see persecution of Christians/religious people within the next decades or so.

An American Cardinal (I forget his name) said it best:
“I will die in bed; my successor will die in prison; his successor will die a martyr. His successor will pick up the pieces after the Lord comes back.”

Or words to effect. If you think that is religious paranoia, that is your prerogative. But a lot of people agree with me. Could INDEED happen. :thumbsup: :mad::rolleyes::frowning:


Sorry that is not true nor it is even close to being classified as persecution.

I think that is pretty impossible and something that is born more out of political fear mongering more than anything factual.

It is religious paranoia and no it couldn’t happen.


Sorry I am not addressing the OP, rather the later comments. Someone in the forums recently said “If I were an alien coming to earth, and was searching for the best religion, I would become a member of the most persecuted one, as surely it would be the most appropriate and correct choice.”


Like I said------you think that, but I and other people disagree with you and think there is a possibility it could happen.

And I (sincerely) wish I had your ability to definitely absolutely state for fact this would never happen.

I sincerely envy you certainty. :blush::shrug:


I bet the people in Poland said it can’t happen right before their country was over-run and their churches shut down. Seems we can’t learn from history. Look what Russia is doing now.


Nobody should assault anyone for being gay. That is wrong and the person(s) involved should be punished. It is a sin to assault people. Yes it happens. It is a lot more rare than it used to be as more people are accepting and/or tolerant of homosexuality (I hear about people in the '70s who used to go to parks that were known for gay hookups in cars and they’d beat people up regularly), but it still happens and needs to be stopped. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Although there have been several cases lately that turned out to be hoaxes. Gay people pretending to be beat up or discriminated against by Christians and other groups only to turn out that it was made up or staged. Two examples that come to mind at the top of my head are a nasty note in place of a tip to a lesbian waitress and a letter that was written to a gay couple on the birthday invitation for their child’s birthday party saying the straight neighbors’ child would not attend because the parents don’t agree with the gay couple’s lifestyle. Of course, after the initial report has been made the damage has already been done. The retraction isn’t seen by as many people and the comments are still hateful against Christians in general even though most Christians are innocent. The media is very anti-Christian and the public image of Christian is either hateful bigot or pedophile priest. None of the good work Christians do around the globe is ever thought of, nor the fact that the majority of priests are not and were never accused of being pedophiles. And of course nobody approves of pedophilia and yet some groups (especially militant atheists) make it seem like Catholics are pro-pedophile priests.

Anyone who thinks Christians are not being persecuted is naive at best. The Middle East is the worst but even places like Europe, Canada and the U.S. are growing less and less tolerant of Christianity. People arrested and/or fined for street preaching because some people might fight their words to be offensive. Gay activists in Germany recently threw feces at parents who were protesting a pro-homosexual sex ed curriculum. Americans forced to close their businesses or being sued because they did not want to take photos, make a cake, etc. for a gay wedding or adopt children to unmarried or same-sex couples. There are organizations that document Christian persecution around the world and the cases are numerous and growing. Yes, you can call yourself Christian and even go to church (for now) but any mention of one’s faith outside the church walls is discouraged and persecuted.

Here is a link that documents intolerance and discrimination against Christians in Europe:


May the perpetrators of this hate crime be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



Anyways, it’s very unfortunate that she was attacked.


Why the :rolleyes: at me?

I have genuinely been asked to provide examples of hate crimes before on this forum, but most hate crimes are not high profile enough to make news stories [e.g. your average gay Joe being hospitalized in a big city by an attack]. Now that there actually is a current one this high profile, I wanted to provide what was asked of me.


The Westboro Baptists?


… then they came for me- and there was no one left to speak for me



How does a person feed their family, buy insurance, get a loan, meet their basic needs if they have to close up their business? The ramifications of not embracing homosexuality are far reaching, and have a more devastating effect than people care to acknowledge.

God bless.


Its very easy its called being grounded in reality. Just because you disagree with me doesn’t make your position any more true or any more credible. In this country, it can’t happen, it won’t happen. So you can continue to live in complete paranoia or you can join the rest of society and reality.


textbook false flag.


Until all of the facts are in, we can’t say that this didn’t happen. For now, our best course is to pray for this woman.

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