Michiganians mine bodies for cash to make ends meet

Detroit News:

Michiganians mine bodies for cash to make ends meet

Commerce Township – Heidi Fetzner is unemployed and willing to be creative to make a few bucks.
So when the German and psychology student at Kalamazoo College realized someone was willing to pay her $1,000 for her long brunette locks, her attitude was: Break out the scissors.
“Most of it I’m going to put in my bank account and just save because school is expensive,” said Fetzner, 20, of Commerce Township. “It’s a lot of money. You gotta do what you gotta do.”

Fetzner is among those realizing that, in these tough times, the body isn’t just a temple. It can be a gold mine.
As Michigan’s economy continues to suffer, people are offering themselves up as medical guinea pigs for a quick buck to make ends meet. Some are selling plasma, others their hair for hundreds on the Internet, while others take the more extreme road by wanting to sell their eggs or participate in medical studies in exchange for payment and free medical exams.

Selling your hair, or even plasma is one thing, but eggs? :bigyikes:

Btw – is Michiganian correct, it doesn’t sound right.

Michigander is more common (coming from someone who lives in Michigan :p)

I know people who sell their plasma. Donors are needed, and it serves a need. So, I don’t have a problem with that. Some of the other things are downright creepy, though.

“Michigander” is what those of us who live here usually use. :slight_smile:

I’d be perfectly willing to sell our useless Governor to the highest bidder, if anyone’s interested…

I second that! I didn’t vote for her, that’s for sure…

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