Mickey Rourke as St. Francis, does anyone like this movie?

I personally think the 1989 movie ‘Francesco’ is a turkey, it misses the point. I would like to be able to find some redeeming qualities to the movie to say, “ah yes, it shows the realism of the times”. Some people do seem to like it just like some other controversial movies are enjoyed by a few people but I just don’t get it. Furthermore, sorry to be a wet blanket but I’d have to rate it “O” for being “offensive” in parts.


I guess we really enjoy our “Holy Movies” to treat the main character as very sacred as in movies like “The greatest story ever told”, “A man for all seasons” and so on. Perhaps this is another movie that has not been widely viewed by the public.

I admit I have never heard of it. I don’t think it had a distribution to theaters in the US, but first showed up on these shores in the form of a DVD or VHS videotape, five years after its European debut.

Steven Greydanus, who reviews movies at Decent Films.com, hated this one.

He notes that Francesco was included in the Vatican’s “100 Important Films” list, but suggests that its inclusion is simply proof that the list is not infallible.

(The list, I would point out does not even claim the listed movies are good, let along best, it simply says the movies are important)

It sounds like from reading reviews, the DVD version has had quite a bit of the movie cut out, why I would not know? I did not know this movie existed and once saw it as a VHS video so curiosity and a low price compelled me to get it. It does get some good reviews and I am puzzled why but I may look at it again sometime soon. Personally, maybe if it was edited in a few places, I might enjoy it more so we will see.

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