Microbiota, mental health and the soul


Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone knows about the scientific data on microbiota and its relationship with the brain, and how it affects mood and mental health? For example if you eat healthy and fill your gut with probiotics it will affect your serotonin, gaba and other chemicals in your brain.
It got me thinking that if it’s true, where does the soul and spirituality play its part in overcoming stress and mental health issues? Am I correct to think it’s a good mixture of both spirituality and gut health?

The reason why I’m asking is because my mate, who is a personal trainer, is being taught by his boss about microbiota and other scientific things. The thing that struck me most was when he said he went through a mini existential crisis after learning this (e.g. something like ‘when I was feeling down in the past was it me or my gut health? Or my lack of gaba etc…’).
It struck me as a materialistic approach to life (whether he knows that or not, I can’t read his mind). I felt like saying "sure the science behind this might be true but it’s not the only key factor of wellbeing in your life’, but I didn’t say anything because I don’t know the whole topic.


We know that depression can sometimes have a physical cause, such as untreated hypothyroidism.
That doesn’t negate our free will, however, or the existence of the soul.


I agree. How do you help someone to distinguish the difference between the will and chemical reactions, so to speak?


I always have a depression in case of weather. But my faith deals with it sometimes.


I guess in general, if they have a physical and labwork done to rule out organic causes, then explore psychological and spiritual causes


This seems a but out there doesn’t it? I mean, how well must a person truly be before it’s really enough to satisfy the needs of the human heart? Can microbiota love a person, or give eternal life?


True. I wouldn’t dismiss the scientific study but I’m a little disappointed how some might interpret the work for a materialistic worldview. I wonder what excuses they’ll make when one day they come across with someone with perfect gut health but a depressive mindset? How much gabba and 5htp supplements would solve that? :roll_eyes:


I know the feeling :slightly_frowning_face:


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