Microchip is new form of birth control


I’m surprised that such a thing is possible, and I see a number of other applications for the technology. no comment on the ethics of it.

The chip functions by regulating hormone production. Hormone production can be turned on and off via remote control so that women who have it implanted can turn it off to be able to get pregnant.

Bill & Melinda Gates are supporting this with a multi-million-dollar grant. The story also notes that testing is being done to ensure the chip cannot be hacked.


I saw an article about that a few weeks ago.

The chip doesn’t just regulate hormone production but actually releases hormones into the body. Thus, the one chip contains 16 years worth of daily doses of the hormone.

Even if I had no moral problems with artificial contraception (and if I were a woman), I don’t think I’d be comfortable having something like that in my body at all times and just trusting that someone couldn’t find a way to hack it.


Implantable insulin pumps exist.


This chip would act in a similar way, but it is not health care. It is preventing the natural hormonal activity of the average healthy woman. No one should use it who is healthy. Other implantables of various types that will assist patients who need them for health issues, including restoring mobility, are in trials. That would be ethical and moral.

Self-control should be the primary form of birth control but there’s no money in that.



Birth control aside, just think of the awesome implications of this! Imagine what this could do for diabetics, for instance, who could possibly use this to regulate and administer insulin. Or HIV patients, or people in chronic pain, or people suffering from a horrible mental illness. Schizophrenics, for example, often have a hard time remembering their meds due to their illness, which of course makes the symptoms worse.

We live in exciting times.


Yes, we do.

Just think back 10 years. Or 20 years. The medical breakthroughs are amazing. And wonderful.


Thinking of these types of applications is pretty neat. It still makes me squeamish, though, at the thought of having a chip implanted in me. :o


And yet more reasons why health care continues to become more expensive. Cutting-edge technology costs money.


This is very creepy for me. Like the song says; Welcome to the new age, welcome to the new age. The creepiest thing is that the Gates from what the news say, want yo implement this on third world countries :eek: that is totally racist and eugenesic.

I bet that they are doing this to introduce the idea in the population of getting microships installed under the skin. As birth control is an issue so sensitive for many women that would be the ideal introduction and from there escalating the use of the microship for other things. As we say in Spanish, may Jesus Christ permit that for the day of doom we have time to go to confession.


But is it really that different from someone with a heart condition having a pacemaker implanted? Or a deaf person with a cochlear implant?

What the technology does is open to ethical debate, but using technology already seems well accepted.


It is a bit baffling. I mean, I’m sure in their minds they must be thinking they are doing a good thing for the poor that are in need. But in practice, it does pretty much translate into eugenics and racism.


Don’t go introducing reasonableness in an attempt to make me less squeamish! :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, I realize you are correct. It’ll just take some getting used to.


Yes, it does.

But as a mom to a baby that stayed in the NICU, I am glad we have it. And as a wife of a man that had a heart attack, and lived, I am glad we have it. And as a person with Lupus, taking a brand new drug, I am glad we have it.


How long before our worst fears are realized and they can actually plant a chip in your brain for the purposes of mind control? :eek:


That’s crazy talk! Now report to your nearest doctor for -]implantation/-] “re-education.” :slight_smile:


No need.

If someone wants to control you or your thoughts, all they need to do is to control the education system and media. The rest will fall into place.


I understand the squeamishness…I feel the same way. (Have you ever read about how they can use leeches to help with surgery? If my doctor ever said I needed something like that I’d be cringing!)

But still, some of the medical breakthroughs available are just amazing. Using robots to help with surgery seems science fictional to me. Heart stents. Laparoscopic surgery. And all sorts of new medications.

I had cancer 12 years ago and part of the treatment included radiation. Everything was calculated with computers. I asked the doctor what happened before powerful computers were so readily available. He looked me in the eye and said, “People died.”



Oh, indeed! That’s a sobering thought.


Anyone else here heard of transhumanism? Or read “That Hideous Strength”?


That’s not the issue here.



Transhumanism refers to a nonsense concept that is being promoted by Ray Kurzweil. In general, the idea encompasses a number of concepts but basically tells us we will transcend our human bodies and be able to modify them to suit. It’s not very well thought out in its current form. And right now, it doesn’t really matter. The human genome is poorly understood right now. Different approaches are being tried to figure out how it works. Various therapeutic devices are being developed for people with disabilities that have some type of artificial interface between either an implanted device or one connected to the brain that can help people as shown in trials.

Chips are one thing but genetic engineering is still a long way off. I’m referring to functional as opposed to novelty applications. Of course, developers will have to recoup their development costs.


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