Microsoft backs down, will fix Internet Explorer vulnerability—even on Windows XP



Very interesting. Thank you for your post, Maxirad.

My system is old and I’m now beyond the official April 8th cutoff date too, so I was sort of surprised to see that I had an update. This explains it.

I’m very poor, so I’m as yet undecided about what to do with regard to computer and operating system replacement.

In the meantime, I browse very very conservatively, not extending my browsing beyond a very small handful of trusted sites.


How could they not, though? So many people still use XP and this was such a huge vulnerability that came to light a mere weeks after XP’s end date. It would have been bad business for them to ignore the plight of millions of their customers.


I don’t use XP, but it’s too late anyway–I’ve already switched over to Firefox.

Buying and using software is like buying a product that is guaranteed to be defective and will need constant fixing.


The most shocking thing about this story is that there are still people using Internet Explorer.


:stuck_out_tongue: I’ll just stick with my trusty ol’ Netscape. :thumbsup:


I still run Firefox under XP.

And I log on as a guest, very seldom as the administrator, which is most vulnerable to hacking. Good idea btw on any operating system that allows it.


I’ve tried the guest thing a time or two myself, but I have so much stuff on my computer as an administrator and not as a guest that I just hate to be without all of that capacity for interaction.

I think what you are doing is wise though, and I should probably steel myself to do the same.


Just got another Windows update. I don’t know what it was about though.


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