Microsoft cancels Family Guy deal

Microsoft has pulled out of sponsoring a TV spin-off show of animated comedy Family Guy because of concerns over edgy material.

The article title is slightly misleading, because they are still sponsoring the regular Family Guy show, just not this one-time special, which makes you wonder…

I’m guessing there must be some VERY offensive stuff in there, or as its called lately “edgy”, since Family Guy never fails to offend, and Microsoft is not pulling that deal.

We’ll just have to wait and see, but I would hardly be surprised if the lapsed Catholic now atheist Seth Macfarlane takes a few shots at Christians and religion in general, but thats just my prediction.

From the article:

But after attended a taping of the show, which reportedly contained jokes about deaf people, the Holocaust and incest, Microsoft bosses pulled the plug on its sponsorship deal.

I’m sure Microsoft’s decision has more to do with the above rather than any religious considerations. Although, I’m sure there will be that element, too.

Oh I totally agree. And I’m guessing the Microsoft heads are more concerned about tarnishing their image and losing money, rather than truly being offended by any of those topics.

It truly amazes me the same company the produces Fox News, which objects to this kind of thing all the time, also makes Family Guy and all its spin-offs. Just goes to show, Fox is about making money, not promoting truth. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Yes, I have wondered that myself many times. Their TV shows are often the raunchiest of the bunch, and yet their news is firmly on the conservative side of things. Fox News reaches out to a niche that has no other options, so I’m sure it has been a good business decision for them to go that route. They wouldn’t have nearly as many viewers as they would if they decided to basically clone all the other network news channels.

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