Microsoft Office Applications Barely Used By Many Employees, New Study Shows



Microsoft Office Applications Barely Used By Many Employees, New Study Shows

Techworld — Organizations are wasting money licensing Microsoft Office applications that the majority of employees barely use, a study released this week by application analytics startup SoftWatch has found. Conclusion: many users could easly be migrated to far cheaper cloud applications such as Google Apps. The firm carried out a 3-month analysis of Office suite use in 51 global firms representing 148,500 employees, revealing that seven out of ten employees weren’t using any single application heavily, launching them only for viewing or light editing.
The average employee spent only 48 minutes per day using Office, largely the Outlook email client, which consumed about 68 percent of that activity. Excel was in second place with 17 percent, or an average of 8 minutes per day, leaving Word and PowerPoint trailing with only 5 minutes and 2 minutes per day each.

That email is popular and spreadsheets and presentations less so is not a surprise. The latter are occasional applications that non-specialist employees use only when they really have to and their importance can’t necessarily be measured in terms of how often they are used so much as the impact that use has.
For Word, that sort of rationalisation gets harder to explain. Five minutes a day was a poor showing for an application Microsoft would like enterprises to believe is essential to the work day.

SoftWatch also looked more deeply at how people were using each application by dividing users into four categories; heavy users, light editors, viewers (i.e. people who looked at documents but did nothing else) and inactive users who didn’t use the program at all.

Interesting if true.
It seems to me that Microsoft’s only advantage is that it’s the operating system for ~90% of PCs, but with tablets and chromebooks taking over . . .


No mention of Access even?


You don’t need MS Office to gossip on Facebook.:wink: I am surprised our productivity is as high as it is from what I hear about young people.



And I use Excel very heavily.


Excel is probably still the most useful software for an engineer to learn.


I’m a computer programmer by trade, though retired, but I use Excel for almost everything now, save for a little Access work. I love the Oracle-SQL-type databases.

Before Excel, used Multiplan, Lotus 1-2-3, Visical. Anyone remember those?


Yes, I used Lotus 1-2-3.


I liked Lotus (until they came out with Quattro). I still actually wish, in a way, that I could still use WordPerfect. I did some really cool things with dBase (and using Clipper to create executables).

And I have yet to find a project planning program that beats good-old Superproject Expert.

Sigh, nostalgia.


Likewise. IMO, Excel is the best software MS developed. My wife and kids use it regularly as well. My wife and I also use Word. I am the only one in the house who uses Publisher on occasion. I have been meaning to use Access but haven’t yet.


I do use Acces, but it is not as intuitive as Excel. We have our HR reports set up on it (call offs, late, etc). It’s really cool all the reports one can create with it. But I only know how to use it, I haven’t been able to create a report in it. Not that it’s my job. :slight_smile:

I rarely use Word.


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