Microsoft Plans to Open Retail Stores

Microsoft Plans to Open Retail Stores

SEATTLE (AP) — Microsoft plans to open its own stores despite the economic downturn that has left many retailers struggling.
The company said Thursday that it had hired David Porter, a 25-year veteran of Wal-Mart Stores, as its corporate vice president for retail stores. Mr. Porter was head of worldwide product distribution at DreamWorks Animation SKG since 2007.

Mr. Porter, who is set to start work on Tuesday, is charged with improving the PC-buying experience. The company said his first task would be to set the timing, locations and design of Microsoft-branded retail stores, which will sell computers installed with Microsoft software as well as other company products.

Attention conspiracy theorists! We’ve got a Wal-Mart guy teaming up with Microsoft which should produce the most evillest corporation ever :smiley:

I think the CDC should check out these stores before they open.

Microsoft funds abortion!

If they want to improve the PC buying experience, perhaps the first step should be to design a non-buggy operating system that doesn’t require constant updates. And to sell PC’s that are not pre-loaded with a huge number of junk programs.

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