Microsoft web browser that covers its tracks could hit Google’s advertising

Microsoft web browser that covers its tracks could hit Google’s advertising

Microsoft’s latest internet browser includes a piece of software that allows internet users to hide the audit trail of websites they have visited.

The InPrivate feature on Internet Explorer 8, nicknamed “porn mode”, allows users to conceal the sites they have viewed at the click of a button.

Once the setting is chosen, others using the same computer will not be able to see which sites have been accessed. Other browsers have similar functions, but this one is far more prominent. Although casual users cannot see the previous user’s search history, authorities such as the police will be able to access it if necessary.

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Interesting on two fronts. Blocking Google, and what they are calling the “mode”.

Big deal, for years Firefox hs had an extension available, Customize Google that lets you stop Google from tracking you.

As for “the mode” you shouldn’t be visiting porn sites in the first place. And if you do, you can set Firefox to automatically clear your history whenver you close the program.

I wasn’t impressed with IE7, I don’t think I’ll try IE8 no matter what bugs Microsoft is trying to pass off as features.

I can go into the stacks of any large library and browse the entire collection. If I don’t check anything out, I can spend days in the library and no one will ever know my “browsing” habits.

Browse the Internet, and whether your browser allows you to erase the history from your PC or not, it’s still saved and available somewhere.

Having an internet connected computer in your home is like installing big brother to watch your every move, while having to pay for it.

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