Mid-day Prayer Service question


I am currently in RCIA and have been attending Mass since last March at my local parish. Today I decided to walk over to the Cathedral near my work and pray the rosary there for my lunch break ( the daily Mass is early in the morning ). After praying the rosary, I walked around and found a small chapel off the side where a prayer service was occurring. Now there was a reading of Gospel, the Lord’s Prayer, and intercessory Prayers in addition to some anti-phonic(?) prayers as well. I came in a little late and was the only ‘civilian’ ( non-Clergy ) but they had handouts.

It appears this a daily prayer service during the week. Is this part of the Daily Office?

Thank you.

Yes, they were probably praying the Liturgy of the Hours.

This sounds like a Liturgy of the Word.

One or the other - or both. Next time you come across something like that, don’t hesitate to ask - and if you think you might appear embarrassed, just explain you are in RCIA. Heaven knows there are many cradle Catholics who could have stumbled on that group and not known for sure what it was.

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