Mid-week Wednesday mass only lasts 20 minutes


Mid week Wednesday mass only lasts 20 minutes.
Is it like that where you go? 20 min

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Your bio says that you are Catholic?
When do you go?



My daily mass can last between 20 mins to 45 mins. Father likes to keep it pretty consistently around 30 mins for the people who are going to mass before work. Sunday masses are an hour+.



I’ve seen around 30min pretty commonly, especially if it’s being held for people who may not have much time. Readings, if there is a homily it’s only a few sentences long. Often due to the lower attendance the communion line is much shorter too, and many offer only the host.



Our pastor has us sail in and sail out of weekday Mass.
He knows a lot of us are trying to fit it in with work and stuff.
Sunday Mass is a different thing.



Our weekday masses are typically 20-25 minutes long. Sunday runs about an hour.



Weekday Masses typically run between 20 and 30 minutes at most parishes. The ones early in the morning tend to run shorter (about 20 min) because people need to get to work.

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The noonday ones often as well, because people are on lunch breaks.



The noon ones in my area run longer because I’m out in the burbs and noon is almost all retired people.

In the city I agree with you.

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Ah gotcha. Yes, the ones I am most familiar with are in city areas where the noon services are for workers. Usually you only get an hour for lunch, so its important to be in and out quickly.

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25-30 minutes.
I don’t have a problem with this, first of all, because people are trying to fit it in before work. Secondly, Father is the only priest in a parish with four Masses per weekend. The man works hard enough without having to write five additional full-length homilies. It also just naturally goes more quickly with no singing, one less reading, and only 40-60 ish there for communion.



Ya it is only the host . good point of observation



I think that the Lord is not so much concerned with the 20 minutes of the mass, but rather with what each parishioner is putting into those 20 minutes. Or 30 minutes. Or 60 minutes. Some masses are longer and some shorter. If all of the elements are there, and a valid consecration, then you might consider marveling at the Lord’s efficiency.



I think 20-25 minuter is standard. When I went daily on my lunch hour, that’s how long it would be.



At the abbey, 35 min during a normal feria; 1h15 on Sundays, both with chanted propers and ordinary.

It’s normal for weekday Mass to be shorter on memorials and ferias. There’s no Gloria, no Credo, only 2 readings instead of 3, and the homily is optional. When I was still working I’d go to 7 am Mass at St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, and it lasted on average 25 minutes. There was a homily but usually just a brief 1 or two liner. Oddly, those 1-2 liners stuck to my soul much better than long rambling affairs. They were usually incisive, and a good “food for thought” on the Gospel of the day. At the abbey, there is no homily on weekdays, but everything is chanted except the intercessions,



I hate being rushed.
When I hear a mass being rushed - for WHATEVER reason -
I’m put off.
The mass is the be all end all -
What possibly could be the rush - unless the church was on fire !



We have a 20-25 minute Mass here each morning, M-F just in time for many on their way to work. It never feels rushed; there are omitted parts (perfectly licit on weekdays), but it definitely isn’t rushed.

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Shortest I’ve been to was an 18 minute daily mass. Average seems to be 30 minutes at my local parish, almost always exactly that somehow.



I think 20 mins is probably a little on the short side. In our parish a Mass lasts 30 minutes on a weekday.



I don’t know that it is being rushed, I would not use that word.

Part of a priests calling is to serve his flock. He could schedule a 10:30 a.m. weekday Mass that’s 90 minutes long if he wanted. He could also schedule a 6:30 a.m. Mass with no singing, keeping with the rubrics the Mass could be 25 minutes even less.

I believe these good priests have the intention to help feed the souls of today’s workers! The workplace in society can be a cold, Godless place. Praise God for these holy priests!


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