Mid-week Wednesday mass only lasts 20 minutes


You should hear me rip through Lauds or any other of the Offices when I’m a hurry to be somewhere!


In the 1950’s we had a pastor who could say weekday Mass in under 15 minutes. My youngest brother to this day says he (the priest) could say Latin breathing in as well as out…

In spite of that, all of us managed to keep our faith.

Now, weekday Masses seem to be about 20 minutes or slightly more, but clearly are not rushed.


I have a saying “ Go slow - then you’ll know “

I would never buy a speed reading recital - of the New Testament on CD.


The point many people are making is “go slow” means “don’t do it.”

If you only have an hour, which would you prefer - a 20min Mass where you can get there and back and still have time to eat a bit, or a 45min Mass where you have to skip lunch to make it and are still cutting it close?


I am certain 20 minutes is ‘doable’. That does not mean it ought to be done. I think 20 minutes would be ‘rushed’ to me rather than ‘doable’.


You are not convinced by the various considerations and experiences posted already?

Have you experienced a 20 min. Mass yourself?

I have to admit, our daily Masses are nearer 25 mins than 20, but even allowing for that extra 5 mins. I wouldn’t call them rushed. We get around 70, and communion under both kinds, as well.

Oh, and a homily. We are truly blessed.


The monk I work with said that when he was an altar server before entering the monastery, they had a priest who would be at the consecration even before he had finished singing the Sanctus.

And this too was before the Council. So clearly human nature existed back then too, go figure!


No, I have not.

In my parish weekday Mass is about 30 minutes. I would not say our priest dithers or unnecessarily extends things. If we get a homily it is very short. So, I am basing it on that. I think it would feel rushed if it were done any quicker than what I experience and witness.

The only difference could be is that father distributes communion alone on weekdays. He doesn’t use EMHCs om weekdays.

He also does daily Mass at 12.15 and that is how I am able to go because it fits in to my lunchtime on some days.


I go to a 20 minute daily mass, it is not rushed. I do not see why it shouldn’t be done. It has the short option for the penitential rite, no homily, no prayers of the faithful. It does have the sign of peace. It is said by the parochial vicar. When the pastor says that mass, once a week, it has the confetior, the prayers of the faithful, and a short homily, it is 25 minutes. Not rushed.

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