MIDDLE EAST - NATO coalition against the Islamic Army, but with many "ifs" and "buts" [AN]

The project will be presented to the UN at the end of September. The group excludes cooperation with Syria and Iran, as well as sending troops to Iraq. Urgent need to block funding of Islamists and share information about westerners who have joined the jihad. Discovery of a mass grave in Sulaiman Bek.


Westerners who went off to jihad…you mean arabs whose dads went off to the West only for their children to head back home again. What’s even more ridiculous is that some got cold feet and now expect to be given citizenship back even after slaughtering thousands of our fellow Christians.

Cue David Cameron saying that this is “not the true face” of a religion that tells people to murder the “infidel”.

It is good that there will be no cooperation with Assad or Iran. There is no reason to give these people the implied legitimacy that they are any better than ISIL.

If there are no laws making it very difficult for the 2000 westerners now fighting for ISIS to come back to our countries, there needs to be. These people should never be allowed the privilege to live freely in a free country again.

Angela Merkel is the voice of reason…

(Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her government’s taboo-breaking decision to send arms to Kurds fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq, telling parliament on Monday that the group posed a major security threat to Germany and Europe.

IS is holding some 46 Turkish citizens hostage, including diplomats seized from the Turkish consulate in Mosul when it overran Iraq’s second-largest city in June.

In deference to Turkey’s predicament, Washington aims to have Ankara focus on halting the flow of foreign militants, including many from the United States and Western Europe, who have crossed its territory to join the fight in Syria.

“Everybody understands that the Turks are in a special category,” said a U.S. official on condition of anonymity, alluding to the safety of Turkey’s hostages and the reluctance of one neighbor to attack another for fear of retaliation.


It probably wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that leaders in Saudi Arabia are becoming panicky about the rise of ISIS. It’s estimated that 2,500 Saudis have joined ISIS, a number surpassed among Arab nations only by Tunisia, with 3,000.

Last week, the Saudis announced the arrest of 88 people, days after an imam was jailed for glorifying al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Saudi Arabia’s King, Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, is becoming increasingly exuberant in warning the West about ISIS. In a statement at a recent gathering, he warned about the “evil” of terrorism:

“If we ignore them [terrorists], I am sure they will reach Europe in a month and America in another month. Terrorist knows no borders and its danger could affect several countries outside the Middle East.”


BEIRUT: A Qatari delegation Friday stepped in to help secure the release of Lebanese soldiers and policemen held hostage by militants, meeting with commanders from ISIS and the Nusra Front to convey their demands to the government.

Nusra issued a warning to Sunnis, urging them to join its ranks and stand against the Lebanese Army, which it has accused of working with Hezbollah.

Jordan Armed Forces have prevented “several” cross-border infiltration attempts by armed groups from Syria. The latest infiltration occurred on Aug. 24 when the Jordanian Armed Forces killed two militants.

“The popularity of ISIS appears to have grown as well in light of the group’s gains in Syria and Iraq,” the report said.

In June, Jordan passed a controversial counterterrorism law giving authorities new powers to imprison “citizens who lend ideological and recruitment support to terrorist organizations.”

It is unclear if supporters of ISIS in Jordan have formed legitimate battalions with leaders, though some have speculated that the ISIS movement in Jordan was motivated by Salafists Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi and Abu Qatada.


Looks good, but why did we wait all this time? The wolves are at the door.

Since the Saudis spawn so many of these Islamists in the first place, if 2500 Islamists are joining ISIL, Saudi Arabia out to send 5000 troops to help the Kurds stop them.
Saudi Arabian royalty has always been duplicitous when it comes to Islamists. That is because the official religion of the kindgom is Salafist aka Islamist. The royalty made that devils bargain with the Salafist back in 1979.

For what it’s worth my opinion of Saudi Arabia is that the people in it’s extremist government occasionally get nervous over the actions of some of there even more extreme sons, nephews, cousins, etc, because the latter are trying to forment worldwide Jihad a little too quickly, while the older establishment types who are still on wonderful terms with the Western world, would like to bring about Jihad more gradually.

Thats part of it also, the Salafist and the Muslim Brotherhood have their own on-going issue with power also. The Muslim Brotherhood also bounces back and forth from infiltrating politics to frustration and jihad.

The US says that they are supporting the moderate Syrian rebels who are fighting both Assad and ISIS, but as time goes on, these moderate rebels are becoming fewer and fewer. Turkey’s border with Syria is more or less open, which allows jihadists to enter Syria and join ISIS. Saudi Arabia supports Sunni movements against the Shias, with the result that the ISIS caliphate becomes stronger. By invading Iraq, supporting the Iraqi Shias, and by trying to get rid of Assad in Syria, the USA has helped to bring about the unintended disaster of the rise of ISIS. Moderate Sunnis may be against ISIS, but do they have a choice when they perceive that they are being persecuted by the Shiite Iraqi government?

Quite hypocritical, as many NATO states created and armed ISIS.

They only care if the barbarians are murdering, raping, their enemies. Just as in Afghanistan, the West feeds the hound until it is huge, and then cries out in fear and wonder when the hound tears the hand off that feeds it.

What a bunch of hypocrites. The U.S., Canada, and all of Western Europe created this disaster and they have known about the atrocities committed against Christians for over a year. And they all supplied the arms and weapons these monsters are using. I bet the tanks and humvees they are using are from Egypt, or were diverted on the way to Egypt. But they don’t want to appear to give the impression that they are backing Assad. Sounds like a lot of hot air to me. Apparently Christians are acceptible collateral damage.

My feelings toward this " coalition of the unwilling " is not good. Just a bunch of empty suits.

I have never before been ashamed to be an American, but I am now.

The problem with not effectively identifying the enemy as the Islamist is that countries end up arming their enemies.

It is the lack of clarity, the unwillingness to recognize the Islamist religious roots of the evil, the political correctness that would deny reality rather than risk being labeled a bigot and a hater- like everyone who actually has noted that the problem is the fascist, totalitarian Islamism inevitably becomes labeled- it is all this that leads to Americans like McCain and no doubt the Obama administration to arm and advocate for groups like ISIS.

The lie that everybody buys into is that |slam is by and large a religion of peace, and that the Arab Spring and the rebellion against Assad were all liberal uprisings. It was the delusional thinking in the first place, that Islamists are a marginal group, that leads to the funding of ISIS with the assumption that the enemies of Assad are the good, liberal Muslim, as the overwhelming majority of Muslims are deemed to be.
It is the delusional thinking, perpetrated by the western left, that is the reason why Western governments thought that ISIS would be a good group to fund in the first place.

Assad and Kaddaffi are thoroughly rotten men, but that does not mean that those that rebel against them are good. The forces of liberalism in Islam, especially in the ME, are weak and ineffectual. If the strong man is removed, the Islamists are all that remain.

Revolutions are not won by postings on cell phones, and social media. If liberals want liberal ideals to prevail, those ideals will not prevail by arming Islamists.

The West does have much to offer the ME. We have achieved civil society and have harvested the fruits of peace and prosperity for generations now.
But Muslims will hardly latch onto that example, if we are too ungrateful to acknowledge how wonderful and how blessed we are, to live in the societies that we do.
Self loathing and denigrating ourselves and our society is not a sign of Christian humility. Rather it is a sign of extreme ingratitude and hubris in thinking that we as individuals are more moral than the societies which have raised us.

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