Middle-Eastern Music

I’m looking for some traditional sounding Middle-Eastern music, does anyone have any suggestions?

Are you asking for specific artist/album names? Or are you inquiring where you could get the music? I assume you are asking for artists, which I can’t really help with. All I can do is to let you know I have downloaded some Middle-Eastern music from eMusic. It is a music subscription service. They are always offering free-trial subscriptions and sell download cards (like the gift cards) at Best Buy. Best Buy should also have a “card” for the trial subscription. Anyway, I’ve gotten some great stuff at eMusic in that genre. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of eMusic, you could try amiestreet.com. I know they have world music, but I can’t say for certain if they specifically have any MIddle Eastern. You can find a lot of free (and legal!!!) music on amiestreet so it doesn’t hurt to look and try it. Some songs/albums do cost, but they tend to be very cheap–$3.00 or less. And for people who are in the mood for Irish music because of St. Patrick’s Day, there is a lot of free Irish/Celtic music at amiestreet at the time of this writing. I’m sorry I can’t name specific artists or albums. My music collection is big and unorganized, more or less, and I just tried looking in iTunes specifically for the Mid.East. songs and couldn’t find them. I would suggest you try amiestreet first because you might get something for free!

Have you visited traditionalarabicmusic.com ?
Its not the best laid out of sites, but if you take the time to navigate through the various websites and webpages you might be able to find something. For example,

has, as the name suggests, samples of different styles of traditional Arab music, and even includes some samples of Turkish and Persian music.

sells DVDs of traditional music from different countries, and you can preview some of the videos, so you know what you would be getting.
I’m not sure about the quality of the DVDs, but at least you would have some names to search Amazon for.

Thanks for the links Dale.

Will some of the late Ahmet Kaya do ?

Why yes, yes it will.


I tried to help too!!! lol

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