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I am wondering, does the middle name, if it lines up with the name of a saint, take patronage for the baptismal child too? My name is George, and I always looked up to St. George growing up and still do, he is a great saint. But my middle name is Robert, iv just realized there are saints, namely St. Robert Bellarmine, who share that name as well. Do we have two baptismal saints by first and middle name?

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You can use both, plus whoever you choose/chose as your Confirmation name, as well.

All you holy men and women … pray for us,
Deacon Christopher


I was taught that your birth/baptismal Saint was determined by who’s feast day your birthday fell on and you were named accordingly. (Of course, the good news is, none of these stories really matter and you can name your child however you wish and select patron Saints as you see fit, regardless of reason.)

My confirmation saint’s feast day is my birthday! That’s how I came to know and love him!

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