Middle school coach Timothy Forbes bites off part of opposing coach’s ear following loss


According to Springfield, Mass. news network WWLP, 34-year-old Timothy Forbes was charged with mayhem, assault and batter and disorderly conduct on Monday in Springfield District Court after turning himself in to police. The charges follow Forbes’ attack on an unnamed fellow middle school basketball coach at Springfield (Mass.) Holy Name School following his Springfield Heat’s loss to the Sprinfield Migs in the Springfield Catholic Youth Organization middle school basketball finals.

I am including this because this happened to coaches of two CATHOLIC schools.

I am really shocked and am beyond words. May God have mercy on our souls.:eek:

I would like to ask------what is the “acceptance” process for coaches in Catholic schools nowadays?:rolleyes:
Also-----what does this say about our nation and what we are passing to our children moral and spirituality-wise?
If I had been the prinicpal of that coach’s school charged with instilling Catholic Christian morals into our youth, I would have seriously been ashamed and felt like I had failed to live up to my mission as a Catholic Educator.
Sorry if I seem so “outraged,” but I’m sorry----that is the way I feel.

Through the prayers of the Mother of God, have mercy on us and save us.

Amen. :signofcross::gopray2:

Can you hear me now?

First off, it appears to me that Timothy Forbes needs anger management; secondly he really needs to change his dietary habits. Biting has no place in school sports.

Catholic Youth Organization officials are denying that Timothy Forbes has anything to do with their league.

Monday night, league officials said Forbes is not a coach, he has never been a part of the CYO, and they don’t know why he was at Holy Name on Friday night

“As recent as an hour ago we had the actual coach of the team saying that this man has never been an assistant coach, has never been part of the team’s staff or roster,” said Anthony Cignoli, a member of the CYO board of trustees. “He is not on the CYO directory ever, at any time, never has been. He is not a coach or assistant coach in-standing with us and does not appear in any of the rosters in CYO.”.


Should he and his victim be checked for rabies?

At least Johnny Cash`s father (A Boy Named Sue) used a knife. :smiley:

That is so sick----------------

But undeniably funny--------------------------in a “sick” way. :rolleyes::o


Thanks for the link, Dale.

Ok then, then what is the status on the guy League-wise? get your facts straight, people. the reputation of the League is sort of online here.

This is getting stranger and stranger.:blush::shrug:

Yes, indeed. He also needs to turn to God and Christ :slight_smile:

He needs anger management and counseling. There is something seriously wrong with someone who gets so angry so easily, and thinks it’s okay to bite someone else’s ear off because his team beat your team. This is a mental health issue.

Lord, have mercy on us all. Amen.

Yes. :thumbsup::slight_smile:



I hope it wasn’t a Friday during Lent as it would be a sin to eat meat. :tsktsk:

Common mistake in the press. Because the act was some way related to Catholics the person must be connected (even fictitiously) to the Catholic Church.


I am guessing this guy was a fan of Mike Tyson.

Perhaps, but in this case the press made the claim because that is what the police told them.

From the article cited in the first post:

While Forbes was named as a coach in the Heat organization by Springfield police, Heat officials themselves denied that the man was a coach for the team and argued that he was not on the organization’s roster.

Or from the local newspaper:

Police initially indicated that Forbes was an assistant coach of a team that lost a youth basketball game on Friday night at Holy Name School on Alderman Street in the city’s Forest Park neighborhood. However, the Western Massachusetts CYO, in a statement released late Monday afternoon, said Forbes was not an assistant coach and was not affiliated with the CYO.

“It is our understanding that the victim and several others who may have provided witness testimony to police may have stated that Forbes was an assistant coach,” CYO officials said in a statement. “It was a hectic and energized atmosphere when this incident occurred after the game, so this mistaken identification is understandable.”


Thanks for the links.

I was waiting for somenbody to make that kind of comment.

My patience has been rewarded.

LOL. :p:p

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