Hi All, did the Midianites deserve their fate? How do you feel about it? We are told that Jesus is God, God is love etc, but how can this same person order the murder of children and babies and children being taken into slavery in the bible.:shrug:


Physical death is not the end. The innocent Midianites who died young went on to enjoy the beatific vision of God. The wicked Midianites who died young were prevented from committing more wickedness and went on to their just eternal punishment. The Midianites who became slaves were given the grace of living among God’s people exposed to the Mosaic Law and worship of the true God.


hmmm, there was no “slavery” in the Israely culture, the law allowed a man or woman to become servant but that did not mean that they had become the “property” of someone.
In fact that same law was very explicit as to the way someone had to treat their servants.

You can read this when in some passages poeple preferred to be someone’s servant rather than live by their own devises.

Now the midianites were pagans who used sex to corrupt and conquer the neighboring nations, you can read about this since because of them, thousands of Israel’s men were put to death after having been led astray to worship the god of the midianites by their women.

What other means did Moses have to ensure his people did not fall again to the alluring temptations?
GOD is love amen to this, that however does not mean HE is also a fool.


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