Might a Christian ask: IS GOD REAL?


**Is it allowed to anyone to ask IS GOD REAL – DOES GOD EXIST?

Might a Christian ask: IS GOD REAL?
Isn’t this question far more so dreadfully offending God, because this question states;

We ought to be aware, that the devil himself had been allowed to tempt us, and oh, he does a good job in this: Lk22:31" Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers." So over and over again we will hear Satans whispering in our soul: IS GOD REAL?
Satan makes himself “unreal” to make us believe God is unreal too.
God is far more real than we ourselves are! And if we keep our eyes and ears and senses open, we realize that fact, and we do have a sense to realize God’s being.

So, let’s turn back and strengthen our brothers in the cheerful outcry; YES GOD IS REAL – GOD DOES EXIST and He is with us as He told us “surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”.


Can that question offend God? If you allow it to create a rooted sense of doubt, it can be offensive. Or you can take that question in your head, contemplate who created the universe and everything in it, who sustains our lives, and who willingly submitted Himself to agony for our sakes, and create good out of the question. It’s especially critical to seek God during those moments of doubt, temptation, weakness, and so on, that we may know He exists and loves us.


Well - let’s compare it with a very human question: when our son asks us: "are you really my father???"
this would indeed offend mother and father alike at the outmost.**


Doubt is wrong but ever since the fall it’s the condition man is born into. Adam & Eve rejected faith in God when they rejected the need for Him and were cast into a world where mankind can experience life without Him-and hopefully come to be convinced of our need for Him. But this is a process which requires time. Faith grows and so should be generally stronger today than it was a few years back. I think the following plea for the gift of faith is one we need to make throughout our lives.

Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24


I never doubted the reality of God, I just did a LOT of looking in the wrong places. How I missed so much the first time, I don’t know but I did. That question, ‘Is God real?’ is to me, like asking do I need to breathe?


**Adam and Eve might have rejected faith in God, but they knew there was God, and so wouldn’t ever ask IS GOD REAL – but we always think – oh well God won’t mind, as He is a loving God.
But God does mind!

When in Mark 9:24 a man who believes in God says: “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” he doesn’t ask IS GOD REAL, but he asks God to fight his temptations, when Satan whispers into our ears “are you sure there is a God with all that misery on earth – I don’t think so”.
How could we possibly see the mystic body of Jesus Christ which is the church - His Church, and still ask IS GOD REAL?! Why then would we pray and go to church? Just in case GOD IS REAL? To prevent punishment if He is not real?!
A weak example, but similar to – when we call our father dad, just to not insult this man, but in fact don’t really believe so – let’s doubt it – he doesn’t know. But God knows. What an ill relationship indeed that would be – among people and families as well as our relationship to God.

If we never doubted the reality of God, how on earth could we possibly think to be entitled to ask IS GOD REAL? as such question indicates a possible no – or at least a “I don’t know”.

If we still do so and dare to ask IS GOD REAL? then we lie when we pray the credo and ought to pray instead of “thou art in these heavens” – “I just hope thou at in these heavens”.

Our relationship to God is not a matter of arbitrariness and how we feel at the moment. It’s far more a clear yes or no – not perhaps.
Let’s have the strength and the faith and also Gods grace to say a clear yes to God! Thou Art!!! And please let me live within you.


**now, don’t say you all agree with me :smiley:
no further answers?!
Would be great if we all had in this point same sight of things :thumbsup: **


A Christian asking if God is real is a contradiction in terms. By definition a Christian knows God is real.


If you don’t doubt the reality of God, then it wouldn’t make any sense to ask if He exists. If you’re unsure of His existence, then it would be dishonest to say you know He exists.


**That’s what I keep saying. We actually KNOW and don’t just think or believe so; for - if a friend tells you something, you know it. And how much more than a friend is Jesus Christ

Sadly enough, too many are unsure about this and answered with a: “well… I mean…”**


No, a Christian firmly acknowledges God. He must be real, for He is Goodness itself.

Doubts could come to the soul, but we must resist those. :slight_smile:


I fear I don’t understand your thought - as far as language is concerned. If you’d please clarify. To clarify also to the benefit of many who find it hard to believe :wink:


I’ve spent way too much time wondering if God’s real, mainly because its not easy for me to believe in something that I have a hard time fathoming & have never seen/felt/touched/etc. Then I realized that I believe in satan. So I guess I indirectly believe in God.

and thus is the reasoning of a irrational teenager.

Do I need to go to confession for that? Is that mortal? :eek:

I have confessed doubts before, but the priests usually don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with that. :shrug:


I think Christians have doubts…Mother Theresa seem to have a long dark night of the soul

I think she always believed ,but felt abandoned by God…she continued to do His will even so


The OP asked if a Christian can ask if God is real and also asked if God is real. My reply was that Christians do acknowledge God as their Creator, and that God must exist because He is Goodness Itself.

To doubt in God is a temptation which a lot of Christians fight, whether daily or less frequently.

Hope that clarifies :slight_smile:


It did :smiley:
Though, I don’t really thing Christians do have this doubts.
Doubts and “reaons” for daubts, rather are carried upon us by the hell. Satan even tempted Jesus, and he is allowed to tempt us. (Job and Luke 22:31)
So; as we know whom this nongood ideas originate from, let’s simple flee into prayers to overcome, for we KNOW that GOD IS and when we believe, we are written down in His book of life


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