Might be going to Chicago on business


*I might be going to Chicago for a biz trip…and just wondered what might be some fun places to visit? Might have some downtime during one of the days…are there museums worth visiting? Malls? :smiley: Restaurants?

I have never ever been to Chicago. It should be exciting…oh and the trip might be set for next month…any thoughts to clothing? Is it chilly at that point?

Oh, I definitely want to try the Chicago style pizza…I have heard rave reviews. I have tried Uno’s here, but I want thee real deal --there! :bounce:

Thanks for your replies, in advance. :tiphat:*


I’m in Wisconsin, so close enough to Chicago. As far as temps, being down in FL, you’re probably more acclimated to the warm temps. I don’t think it’s too terrible in October, but I love cold weather. So I’d say bring a light jacket, definitely don’t need a parka!
But we’ve had a weird summer up here. It’s been relatively cool all summer, but this week it’s been in the 80s which is really odd.

I always liked the Shedd aquarium in Chicago. It’s got some really nice exhibits.


*Oh, I would love to go to an aquarium:)…that sounds like great fun! I would have to see where my company might have me staying first. Usually, whenever I go on business trips, they put people up at downtown hotels…we’ll have to see.

I have heard a lot about jazz nightclubs in Chicago, which I love. I haven’t been to a jazzclub in ages…and that would be fun.

Thanks BF! It’s funny…but, when we went to PA on July, I was cold. And it was in the 70’s in Pittsburgh. :blush: I’m used to mega-hot weather, you’re right! *


We just got back a few weeks ago from Chicago. My favorite place was Millenium Park. There is always something going on there and they seem to have something going on each night as well…for free. Across the street from there is the Art Institute. It had quite a bit of religious art (my fave) but I live near Detroit and found that I liked the DIA better. Also the museum was a little pricey…too expensive say if you were going to just pop in for an hour or so. But fine to fill an afternoon.
Navy Pier we didn’t have time to go to but I have heard over and over that it’s a good place to stop.
We went to Mass at the Cathedral just off Michigan ave (Holy Name Cathedral?? sorry, I am blanking out on the name). It was the one that was on fire earlier this year. They are doing renovation on the outside and behind it. But in the main part of the Church, it is beautiful. You can go in most times except if they are having a wedding.
You could just walk the Magnificent Mile (Mich. Ave.) and there are tons of shops to choose from.
We went to a few restaurants around our hotel. Gibson’s steak house…if you like steak, I mean reeeeally like steak (they are huge) I would recommend that. While I liked all of what I ate, I didn’t eat anything that knocked my socks off so maybe others would be more help to you.
There is also the ferry rides that will talk about the architecture of Chicago’s building. Those are interesting.
You could go on tripadvisor.com…it’s where I went to plan our day.

As far as weather…we were there at the end of August and it was chilly. We were cold most of the day but still managed to get mildly sunburnt on our faces. I didn’t have anything warm enough and my DH ended up buying a sweatshirt to keep warm. It was in the low 70’s but the wind was very chilly. Then again, it is known as the windy city so I should have known. Definitely bring a windbreaker.
Hope this is helpful.


I took my oldest there for a weekend trip about six years ago in March. We did a downtown tour of art museums and went to a symphony that night. We stayed around Navy Pier, and it really was windy. We also went to this local pizza place called Pizzeria Uno.

Tough thing about travelling for work is all the work, though, :wink: so you have to try to find things to do in the late afternoon and evening.

One sort of fun thing for my daughter, who was 13 at the time, was riding the El. Here’s a pic of the Chicago Art Institute lions.



*Before I look really dumb, let me preface my question by saying…I’m reeeeally bad at geography…

Ok…here goes…why is it so windy there? :rotfl:

Seriously, why? *


Lake Michigan!

It looks like the ocean.

Another thing- I personally had a difficult time with Ohare. It’s one of those tram-terminal airports, (I think Orlando is too, come to think of it) but it was so busy and crowded that as fast as I tried to get across the airport I still barely made it to my gate.


*Oh no, don’t tell me that, really? Ugh! Atlanta and La Guardia…oh my goodness…I never thought I’d leave those airports…delay after delay… :hypno: If I end up going to Chicago, I pray it will be ok and not as bad as those experiences. But, I hear ya and thanks for the heads up!

Ok, Lake Michigan…so that’s what makes it so cold in the winter, then. I have relatives who travel there a lot and they say winters are horrible. :winter:*


*You know, I could extend my trip by a day…if I wanted. Your ideas sound great. I’m assuming the original uno’s started there? I have been on these types of business trips before, and yes, they are go go go all day…but, I was told that they might give a two 1/2 days to explore. That would be nice…if not, I might extend the trip, since I’ll be there anyways, and I probably won’t be back for who knows if ever again. *


Check the yellow pages of the hotel room phone book and call any Catholic church and ask the priest for the location of the nearest church to your hotel where you can get to 6:30 morning Mass. Should be an easy walk.



*Oh wow…look at this! Who knew this was so pretty? Wow. :eek:

I will have to ask one of my husband’s cousins, (the relatives I mention above) who went there last year…where she likes to go, too.

It’s weird, though…places you’ve never been, and then a whole new world is opened up to you, ya know? *


That would be so great. So, like Pittsburgh, are there a lot of Catholic Churches in Chicago? (traditional?)



:bounce: lol


I miss the pizza…:frowning:

There are lots of great museums and other attractions. Here is the checklist of area grade school obligatory field trips: :slight_smile:
*]Shedd Aquarium
*]The Field Museum
*]Museum of Science and Industry
*]Art Institute of Chicago
*]Adler Planetarium
*]Brookfield Zoo
*]Lincoln Park Zoo
*]Navy Pier
*]Wrigley Field :wink:

There’s no need to limit yourself to Pizza Uno’s, either (although I am a big fan of their pizza). Pretty much any mom & pop corner pizza place in Chicago is going to be much better than anything anywhere else (especially Pittsburgh ;)). Rosati’s Pizza is good. Giordano’s is also good. Gino’s East of Chicago is another one. (Now I’m thoroughly hungry, by the way!)


There are lots of Catholics in Chicago (and consequently lots of churches). I’m not that familiar with which ones would be the best to go to in the city proper, though.


Although it is windy because of Lake Michigan, it is my understanding that it is called the Windy City due to its political “style.” (a.k.a. Chicago-style politics and the politicians “blowing” a lot of hot air).


I read that it’s not windy there - or overly windy.

New York and Chicago were vying for the World’s Fair many years ago. New Yorkers started the rumor that it was too windy in Chicago for the World’s Fair to be there… So, the “Windy City” stuck, even though it isn’t true.

You have to go to the top of the Sears Tower and walk out on one of those plexiglas skydeck things . Clear floor and everything, like you are out over the street.


The National Shrine of St. Therese - 8501 Bailey Rd. - Darien, IL 60561 - (630) 969-3311

About 31 minutes from City Center aka Mapquest.

– Cadian :knight1:


hahahaha are you kidding? that’s funny! :rotfl:


For museums, I would recommend the Museum of Science and Industry and the Shedd Aquarium.

For Churches, I would also recommend St. Peter’s in the Loop


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