Might have missed All Saints Day, now what?

The question I face is the way All Saints Day was listed in our bulletin from last Sunday. It did not list it as “Holy Day of Obligation”. Compared this to how the Feast of the Assumption was listed in our bulletin in August, it was listed as “Holy Day of Obligation”.
I found out All Saints was a “Holy Day of Obligation” and did attend.

As I state above, I did attend today. I do not miss Holy Days of Obligation or Sunday/Saturday mass. When I am on vacation or out of town on Sunday’s I attend mass.

The issue is, All Saints Day was listed the same way in our last year’s bulletin (2012). And to tell you the truth, I can’t recall if I attended mass last November for All Saints Day. I just don’t remember.

The question is, from last November until today, I have participated in the Holy Sacrament of Communion. I have been to confession in that time frame but this was not confessed because (a. I may have attended but forgot or b. I was mislead by the way the bulletin listed the All Saints Day and did not attend.).

So, is this a major problem (taking communion for the past year if I did not attend last year)? If I did miss last years’ All Saints Day in the above circumstances (a and b), would missing have been absolved by the Act of Contrition and the statement “for these and all of the sins of my past life I am heartily sorry” followed by the absolution?


In confession when you sincerely and honestly confess your sins then all your sins are forgiven. You also can only be culpable for what you knowingly do. If you were unaware that All Saints Day was a holy day of obligation then you cannot be guilty of deliberately not fulfilling the obligation.
To ease your conscience you can simply confess that you may have missed it the next time you go to confession, but based on what you said in your post it would appear that you were forgiven (if you missed it) when you honestly confessed your sins.

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