Might not be here for awhile


Hi All,

I wanted to let you all know that I may not be on the forums for awhile. I hurt my back and I cant sit for long periods of time.:frowning: It is actually painful to be at the computer .I am going to the doctor to start the process of finding out what is wrong.

I am very sad and will miss reading all of the posts and even chiming in from time to time. Of course I have no doubt the debates will go on without me:p :wink:

I would appreciate any prayers on my behalf. As most of you know the end of the school year is the busiest time for parents , so I dont have time to be bed ridden:D IM TOO BUSY:juggle:

I am fully prepared to handle whatever God throws at me and am not scared or nervous but I would like to not be in so much pain.

OK ENOUGH whining from me:o Thank you for any prayers in advance and hopefully I will be back soon:D

OK carry on with your debates:thumbsup:

P.S. I will try to check in and let you know what the diagnosis is.


I hope your doctor tells you that all you need is bed rest and mind-altering drugs for a few days – maybe with some time in a fomentation room followed by hour-long therapeutic full-body massages!

Nothing like back pain to get your attention!

Prayer ascending.


Prayers for you :crossrc:


:gopray: :gopray: :gopray:


I have no advice for your back, but prayers that your pain will be bearable and that this time of convalescence will be fruitful for you.

Maybe you can try a laptop in bed, although I have to admit, I’m not very good at using the mouse on those things.

Hope to see you back soon.


Best wishes, and take it easy! Glad you’re not putting off going to the doc any longer – back injuries tend to be cumulative, and you definitely want to minimize the damage asap. My intended has some pretty serious back trouble too, so if this is your first time around with it, maybe the following will help:

There are several questions to be sure to ask while you’re there, and likely they’ll want to put you on some medication for a little while (I wouldn’t fight them on this, since muscle relaxants and painkillers relieve the trauma and help prevent further injury while you’re recovering, if this is injury-related and not illness-based). Let them know if you’re having secondary problems that might be related, like numbness, sciatic pain and so forth, and of course immediately contact them if any medications aren’t working or give you side-effect problems. They may want to take an MRI, but maybe not if the condition isn’t chronic/recurring. And there are certainly things you can do to make the healing process faster and more effective, like compresses – ask the doc whether hot, cold or alternating is best. I know, you probably already know this stuff, but I worry. :o

Hopefully you’ll be feeling better shortly, and enjoying the rest you’ll need to finish recuperating. It’s a great time to read all those neat books you haven’t had time to open yet, or just veg out. :slight_smile:


You are in my prayer, ALLFORHIM. I hope you get well soon.


We will miss you if you have to be off the board for a time. Be a good girl–follow your doctor’s orders and don’t fight having to rest, if that’s what you need to do. If you are going to be bed-ridden (heaven fore-fend) ask for help with your kids–from family, friends, your church. After all, what are family, friends, and church for if not to be there for us in times of need? You’d do the same for someone else if the situation were reversed, you know you would. :smiley: Prayers, of course!


I’ll be praying for you! Take care of yourself!


I’m praying for you over here hugs feel better soon!


I’ve really enjoyed seeing you around here! I hope your doctor can help you out and you have a speedy recovery!



Thank you so much for all your prayers and advice and well wishes. I saw the doctor and am going for an x-ray tom.

They are looking for something I cant spell or pronounce but, interstingly enough it is the same exact problem my mom and aunt have, which leads me to believe it is a genetic condition.

Im good with that because then I know what Im dealing with. I will probably need physical therapy. But the best part is she gave me some pain killers:D :thumbsup:

Anyway, the stinky part is I cant go to the gym until all of this is resolved.:crying: :frowning: This is the worst news because Im an avid gym goer and it will bother me tremendously. Im thinking I better go join weight watchers till I can go to the gym again.:o

So hopefully I will be back sooner then later here.:thumbsup: Give me enough pain pills and it will be sooner–although I might start saying some outlandish stuff:hypno:

God Bless all of you:D




At least this isn’t the worst news possible! Thanks be for that!

Hope you are feeling better soon. :slight_smile:


Get well soon, you will be in my prayers. God Bless!



Gosh I gonna miss you a lot. :crying: I shall keep you in my prayers. :gopray: :signofcross: :


My prayers are with you, get well soon.

It is not good to throw your Back out with the trash.

Not fun, I have had back problems before, caused by sitting wrong for too long.


Hi. I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well right now. I will keep you in my prayers. :gopray2: Hopefully, you will be feeling better soon. I will miss you here on CAF, and I hope you will be back soon once you are feeling better. God bless you. :slight_smile:


I wont just pray for you, Ill get my fellow prayer group to dedicate the rosary we say tonight to you. So that is 30+ people dedicating the rosary to you in one night!!
Youll be back and walking on water before you know it :wink:


I Just said some prayers for you.

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