Migrant battle on the streets of Paris


This is the moment a mass brawl broke out as migrants in Paris attacked each other with sticks - hours after authorities moved in to smash up an illegal city centre camp.

Pictures show men lunging at each other with makeshift clubs last night next to a row of tents in the Stalingrad district of the French capital.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3896774/Migrant-battle-streets-Paris-Large-gangs-men-armed-makeshift-clubs-fight-Calais-Jungle-camp-destroyed.html

                                      Here's a good look into what France's future will be like if they don't begin to start taking drastic measures to correct the problem.


Future? It’s happening right now.


And people believe that Trump wanting to tighten borders is a ‘bad’ and evil thing. Even the Pope has said refugee intake needs to be controlled.


Something happens in France and the reflex is to tie it to the US election?

Can’t we give this sort of stuff up in advance of Advent?



GEE Eddie, you did make me smile… and this election–is no laughing matter!



It’s not a laughing matter, more of a grim smile matter at the black comedy of if all. As to the ‘migrant battle’ the Daily Mail rathe excels in these, ‘The foreigners is coming, circle the wagons and protect the childrens and womenfolk’ type articles. I am old enough to remember when back in the day it used to take potshots at we Irish and it was not above taking some very nasty cracks at Catholics who it now seems to regard as almost civilized.


I’m waiting for Advent myself to give it up. Until then, why wouldn’t we apply lessons from other areas when immigration policy is a primary issue in a major election days away? Sure it is inconvenient, but hardly irrelevant.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

But it is SOOOO true. :rolleyes:


Its also sooo Daily Wail…


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