Migrants burned down refugee centre causing €10 million in damage because there wasn't enough Nutella, Gummibears or chocolate, German Red Cross worker reveals


According to the Daily Mail -

"A hall which was being used as a refugee centre was burned down because angry migrants were furious about the lack of Nutella and gummibears, it has been claimed.

The building was completely destroyed in the fire, which caused an estimated €10 million in damage.

Two men have been charged with setting fire to the centre in Düsseldorf on June 7, prompting an emergency which left 26 people injured."


The Express reported:

"ANGRY asylum seekers who allegedly burnt down a refugee camp in Germany had threatened to kill staff who they branded “a***holes” and “damn Germans!” an eyewitness told a court.

The shock claim was made by a staff member of DRK, (the German Red Cross) during an hour of testimony at Dusseldorf’s regional court on February 3.

He described how the refugees found it “funny” when the hall court fire on June 7 2016.

And the blaze took hold after the asylum seekers had made multiple death threats towards DRK staff in the run up to the blaze.

Staff endured taunts of: “Damn Germans, a***holes!”, “we will turn the hall into ruins”, or ”we will set fire to you, kill you all…and burn down the hall.”

According to the witness, an employee of DRK, staff had been handing out food on the day of the fire.

He saw the two suspects – Adel Z. and Mohamad B. – in a celebratory mood following the fire in the Dusseldorf exhibition hall."



Another reason to support Trump’s ban.


I’ve noticed a weird phenomenon whereby anything Trump tweets against suddenly becomes a pillar of democracy sacrosanct from all criticism.


And we are not going to hear the end of it. Before this was a major destruction (burning) of refugees camps in France where thousands of refugees were on the loose.

So much for letting unvetted refugees in.


Says more about the two arsonists than it does about all the refugees.


You know those websites are far right leaning, biased tabloids right?..The disgusting and racist comments on those pages should tell you enough. Here is the real reason why the fire started. :rolleyes:


The fire broke out after a dispute over a decision to scale back the midday meal during the month of Ramadan, when many Muslims fast during the day.

There were conflicts, especially surrounding meals, between Muslims and others who were not fasting for Ramadan and complained at the lack of a warm meal at midday,”


And the criticisms are of no validity.

We know that.

However, in the interest of equity, all protesters will be required to take home with them TWO refugees.


An example of no good deed goes unpunished.

No matter what it says about the two arsonists or about the refugees as a group, that’s 10 million Euros up in smoke. Do you want your tax dollars going up in smoke like that too?

Call it far right leaning … call it a tabloid … call it fake news … call it whatever you want to call it. If we in the US don’t learn from Europe’s mistakes, we will have the same thing here.

No one seems to get that the US Constitution and way of life supports the Islamic religion, but the Islamic religion does not support the laws, values, cultures, etc. of the USA.

This will not end well for any of us.

So where were all the liberal left folks when Bush and Obama were creating this refugee crisis by bombing Middle Eastern country after Middle Eastern country? Crickets.


You know that website is a far left leaning biased tabloid, right?

It’s so easy to dismiss anything, isn’t it?


I think that sort of sponsorship is an awesome idea. Feed, clothe, shelter, and otherwise support them. We could solve the entire refugee resettlement problem in an instant.


The new york times may be somewhat left leaning, but it is an actual news website. The Daily Mail is not. It is a far right leaning tabloid that most British people do not take seriously, and it’s absurd to ignore the actual facts on why the fire started and go with the narrative that it was over gummi bears and nutella. I mean come on.


LOL! Too funny you guys.


Snopes says the letter being read cannot possibly be correct:


If you don’t want to listen to the reading, you can google the printed text … czech doctor in Germany.


What do you call the NY Times?

There have been several instances of attempted arson at the camp and not just by these two men who succeeded in this instance. Since the start of the year, police had been called 89 times to the hall. It was not just because of Ramadan – it had led on several occasions to disputes and altercations with officials of the German Red Cross as witness TESTIMONY and as the court documents show.

Olaf Lehne, district head of the German Red Cross, revealed migrants set fire to the hall in anger that chocolate spread and confectionery was available at the buffet in daylight hours. “There isn’t enough Nutella, Gummibears, and chocolate,” they shouted. bild.de/bild-plus/regional/duesseldorf/brand/anstifter-aergert-sich-ueber-zuwenig-nutella-46218506,view=conversionToLogin.bild.html

Not that either reason justifies this type of behavior.


Yeah, there are several problems with refugee centers around Europe that face these problems, but it’s not over gummi bears and nutella. The title is purposely set up to make the refugee’s look like they are violent crybabies, who will burn something down over a bag of Haribo. That’s not the truth, and the websites get what they want an attract racist commentor’s who fall for the narrative. They basically rioted because of Ramadan and infighting, but that doesn’t make a good title does it. They stopped serving meals for the month so they didn’t have food on hand for meals (it would just spoil). Only snack foods. It would be like if you were practicing Lent in a majority Catholic refugee center and they fed you nothing but beef. I personally wouldn’t burn a house down. But being denied food when you can only eat during a certain time is kinda odd.


Come on. The New York Times is a far left tabloid that most Americans do not take seriously. They spent a year ignoring the actual fact that it was clear Donald Trump was going to be elected, and propagated the absurd narrative that Hillary Clinton would win. I mean, really.

I can do this all day.


The Daily Mail and the NY Times are in no way equivalent. The New York Post would be a closer comparison.


One can argue about the title. However, are you calling the German hall workers liars? Once again in sworn testimony, and in numerous German media outlets it’s been reported that workers at the hall stated “Migrants set fire to the hall in anger that chocolate spread and confectionery was available at the buffet in daylight hour and they shouted there isn’t enough Nutella, Gummibears, and chocolate.” German workers also deny they stopped serving meals. Most of the Muslim refugees choose not to eat during daylight hours, but hot food was served in the early morning and late evening, and a spread of cold food was put out during the day for migrants who weren’t fasting.


The german hall workers never said ANYTHING about the fire being started by Nutella and gummi bears. Confirmed false by the president of the German Red Cross. ( also, just to let you know Express is a German tabloid. )


President of the Düsseldorf branch of the Red Cross, Olaf Lehne, did not seem convinced by shortcuts taken by the Daily Mail and Bild: “True, there have been complaints On the part of some migrants on Nutella or jam, but I do not think it played a role for the fire. No one burns a building for it.” He said the fire was the result of an " accumulation of problems " that knew the center.


Thank you for setting the record straight. It’s amazing that people believe that these stories peddled by the tabloids when they make no rational sense.

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