Migration fears not racist - Archbishop of Canterbury



**It is “outrageous” to describe people who are worried about the impact of migration as racist, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has said.

There was “genuine fear” of the impact on housing, jobs and the NHS, he told Parliament’s The House magazine.**

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I am supportive of immigration, but I do see valid concerns at the same time. I definitely agree with the archbishop.


In the European context, it is also an impact on the culture that the people fear.

Look at what happened to France. A messed up country. Many countries are scared of the same fate.


What bothers me is that, instead of trying to deal with the possible negative consequences of immigration (especially the ones that have passed from.possible to actual), many just dismiss these concerns.

These points being made about the negatives are a challenge: can those for immigration modify their approach in order to reduce or even avoid these possible and actual negative consequences? But instead, they have been blinded in their false, unconscious dogmatism.

Ctb95 seem like he has the right mindset.

Christi pax,



I am impressed that the Archbishop of Canterbury would make this comment. I agree with him.


I think that it depends on the person whether the driving force behind their opposition to immigration is racist or not. Their are certainly some driven by xenophobia and fear of difference.

They use qualifiers such as “loss of a European Culture” as cover for racist ideology.


Perhaps others can have the right to break the law because of their skin color.


You do have to understand that much of what is good in European culture is being lost! I don’t know their intentions, but we can’t dismiss their arguments by psychoanalyzing them.

Christi pax,



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