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Have any of you heard of Mike bickle or of IHOP which he started in Kansas City? I’d like to know if there are any more people concerned about his conversion. My family is praying for it quite a bit. This may belong in a different place, but I thought the people here would be more inclined to pray for him than in the other forums.:slight_smile:


What’s his story? Has he been in the news lately?


He hasn’t been in the news (that I know of), but he’s been on our hearts because of his great and beautiful love for the Lord and the fact that he’s not Catholic yet. He’s a friend of my dad’s and he knew our family for a while because we went to his church and nd my dad was involved in the ministry until we became Catholic.

Here are a few pages about him:




He has a real passion for Jesus and we so want to see him in the Church!

We don’t think he’s as far as some protestant pastors because he teaches spirituality classes based on the Catholic mystics(St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, ect.) - and he gets a lot of bad press from other protestants because of it.

Anyway, we are doing an 81-day rosary novena for his conversion. If you want to join us, I don’t think Our Lady will mind that you’re a little late. It started in May and goes to August 15 - Feast of the Assumption. Join us if you can.


I never heard of him, but I will say a prayer for him. I am glad I went to the website, because the only IHOP I have ever heard of is the International House of Pancakes, a well-known restaurant chain. Thus I was a little confused by your post :slight_smile:


Thank you! It means a lot to us!

Yes, a lot of people get it confused at first with the pancake thing. I did too, when I was little and my parents would talk about it. I guess it gave me a good first impression:D.

Here’s another interesting link:


They want it to be demeaning, but it encourages me.:slight_smile:



Just to see if anyone else wants to help us pray.:slight_smile:


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