Mike Huckabee Leaves Fox News as He Weighs 2016 Bid




guy has no shot.


Probably not. You have to wonder why people with such a small chance do this.


In reference to Huckabee “having no chance,” what I’m sure he’s looking at is winning Iowa where he is quite popular.

New Hampshire would go to an establishment candidate like Bush or Christie, and if he won Iowa, Huckabee would then focus on South Carolina.

If I had to decide right now, I’d probably vote for Ben Carson.


Wasn’t overly impressed with him when he ran before, but I’ll give him a chance.

My concern is that after being on FoxNews for so long there’ll be the unfortunate comment that will be a talking point against him.


Huckabee is pretty darn likable as a person. However, other likable folks like John Kasich have much more recent, impressive experiences.



respectfully signed: an Arkansan…


The purpose is not to win, but to gather the religious right who will vote for Jeb Bush when Huckabee endorses him.


Hmm… Wonder what FOX will do with his time slot…


Nope, none. I don’t dislike him, don’t particularly like him. Not a strong feeling either way, but not impressed with him as a political leader, can’t see it.


He has no shot at getting a vote from a liberal. The conservative vote, however, is a different story. My favorite is Rick Perry, but I wouldn’t mind if Huckabee ended up being the GOP candidate. Whoever the GOP candidate is the liberal mainstream media is going to do everything in their power to rip them apart. So the GOP should just focus on choosing a solidly conservative candidate so that the conservative vote won’t be divided this time.


I won’t vote for Jeb,I don’t care if the Pope endorses him


:thumbsup:In our dreams…


He wouldn’t be my choice in the primary. But I would certainly support him in the general election against the inevitable abortion supporter the Dems will nominate, Papal endorsement or no Papal endorsement.


What is going to be interesting is how candidates treat the issue of same-sex marriage because some parts, not all, some parts of the media really scold such candidates along with the special interest lobby with deep pockets.

They went after Santorum last time, I saw a headline online earlier “Anti-Gay Pundit Steps Down” per his show with Fox. It will be interesting to see how this topic is handled. Obviously, just over this issue, I’d be wary of the way it is handled. Probably should not be a mainstream issue though Huckabee did say if the Republicans abandon the stance for Traditional Marriage, he would leave the party.


Yep, I don’t really want to open this one back up - third parties - but we should all definitely support the Republican candidate. If it’s Jeb, he’ll lose but at least I will have tried to prevent a greater evil. If we all decided that, might make a difference.


God permits evil only to the extent that good will eventually come from it…
Draw your own conclusions;)


Of course liberals would never vote for Huckabee. That’s not his biggest problem, however. His biggest problem is that he has no shot with conservatives. Voters want a fresh face, not a retread whose window of opportunity has slammed shut.


I can see Huckabee on a ticket as VP, but I wouldn’t vote for him as prrsident. He is a nice guy, but a little on the boring side for me. I never was able to watch his show.



“Oh be clear, I’m not making that announcement right now and my timetable is still just what wait was before, later this spring, but I agree with Fox this is the right thing and now is the right time,” he said.

The former Arkansas governor and television personality made the announcement on his Saturday evening show, “Huckabee,” and told his viewers “If I were willing to absolutely rule out” a presidential run “I could keep doing this show, but I can’t make such a declaration.”

He said he won’t “make a decision about running until late in the spring of 2015.”

I saw the part I highlighted in red, and deduced that Fox had a bit of a part in this. They spoke to him about it at the very least. Since his name was being bantied about as a possible 2016 candidate (sometimes even as the leader!) Fox may have wanted him to commit to the show or to step away until such time as he decided against it. Although the language is such that perhaps Fox was going to phase out the show and allowed him to save face as they were still on good terms with him otherwise.

Because its the Iowa caucus that starts things off in 2016 Huckabee has a chance to repeat his 2008 win there … after which he went on to win several other states (at a time when he was far less known and had far less money).

Who this would seem to affect most is Rick Santorum Iowa’s 2012 winner. Much of Huckabee’s support (including Huckabee’s endorsement) went to Santorum in 2012 when he was the surprise winner (following a suspicious delay in the vote count that for almost a week made it look like Romney had won it).

Given the way the Iowa caucuses work Santorum became the conservative candidate that other conservative caucus voters switched to once their initial choice polled poorly. The Ron Paul and Mitt Romney supporters probably held firm in Iowa - while many of the Gingrich and Perry and Huntsman and Bachmann and Brownback and Herman Cain backers found Santorum the most acceptable conservative alternative.

Santorum I thought up until now, would win again on that basis. With Huckabee in, it gets a little more cloudy. It was surprising that Santorum for instance did so much better than Texas Governor Rick Perry last time. Unless their debate performances are why (Santorum shined while Perry had a brain cramp on point three of his three point plan back then).

Other previous Iowa winners were George W. Bush, Pat Buchanan and Evangelist Pat Robertson. Robertson, like Huckabee (a Baptist minister) was not only a values champion, but clergy of sorts. Santorum sometimes got treated as if he were one, but is a Catholic layman (who nonetheless drew enthusiastic support of the mostly Evangelical “religious right” … that apparently found his Catholicism less suspicious (if at all) than Romney’s Mormonism.

That last comment of mine is based only on my personal experience, when, after Romney secured the candidacy … I actually heard some “I could never vote for a Mormon … they’re a cult!” type complaints from somewhat conservative Evangelicals I knew. Making me wonder if that was just talikng to themselves … or whether they were going to abstain from voting for President or … vote for Obama! :confused:

Due to the size of the field, it might not be out of the question for someone like Rand Paul to win by plurality just by getting the same voters his dad did in Iowa. The “moderate” field might be split there as well with Bush and Christie sharing some votes, and even more so if Romney runs again.

I do hope to see more debates hosted by neutral GOP groups rather than the left of center media (like in 2012).

As for who will take over Huckabee’s show … if Fox were smart, for ratings they’d get Rush Limbaugh. IMO. Or Jay Leno. :newidea: Lol.

Here’s an interesting article on the GOP candidates in 2011 (like 2015, a year before the election).

The chart shows relative liberal to conservative as left and right; establishment to insurgent (top to bottom); size as the support of that candidate at the time; and color as the geographical home of the candidate (blue = east; yellow = west; green = north; red = south). THAT article speculated about if GOP candidates like Giuliani, Palin, Pataki and Paul Ryan entered the race, where their constituency might be.

It’s funny that the winner (Santorum) was so small at the time. But as candidates close to him (here) dropped out … his bubble would have gotten bigger.

Where Huckabee would be here might be close to where Perry and Santorum are.


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