Mike Pence and Tim Kaine to clash in vice presidential debate


The vice presidential nominees are just a few hours from the most important performances of their careers.

Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence are under no illusions.

The debate at the Longwood University in Virginia is a proxy war for the top of the ticket, and so the pressure is on.



I will be practicing for my euphonium recital. With the TV off.


Hopefully they will say something new.


I’m looking forward to it. I’d like to see what kind of questions they will be asked. I expect life issues to be discussed.


Got my bottle of scotch on standby



You’ll probably need it.:slight_smile:


I might check out a commentary a certain website is doing. If I say it I’ll get banned though.


Without stepping aside from the important topic at hand, what type of Scotch do you like?
The one that I like the most was Macallan 18 year


looking forward to the debates. I think Pence is a solid guy. looking forward to hearing more from him. if Trump/Pence wins, I would have no problem with Pence becoming president if Trump was unable to continue because of sickness or something worse.


Should be an interesting debate, I’ll agree, but the experts think it won’t be a game-changer unless one or the other of them says something really controversial.


Exactly. It’s the VP debate. Neither man is really all that important in the grand scheme unless something happens to the President.


Nevermind. I… have changed my mind. Just hope this election stuff stops going so crazy.


The GOP has come back from the future to tell us who won the debate.

Edit: actually all the spin articles the RNC are planning have been posted, including “It’s clear who lost the VP debate: Hillary Clinton” and “5 Questions Tim Kaine was not asked”:

The American people will hold Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton accountable for their records of failure and corruption even if tonight’s debate did not. Tim Kaine must be breathing a sigh of relief that he did not have to answer for these important questions:

They caught their mistake and took them down now.


Such hubris!


I wonder about those issues as well - they haven’t made much of an entrance into the race thus far.


LOL. Well, I guess they need a little wishful thinking these days. :wink:


Catholic vs. Former Catholic - sure to be interesting.


They are both such courtly, decent men - no doubt!


I absolutely agree. What a difference.

Woops, mudslinging just began.


It always does, but I stand by my original thoughts regarding these gentlemen.

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