Mike Pence revamps Trump's transition team, purging lobbyists


From CBS News.




I agree with Rand Paul on this.


Rand Paul doesn’t get to choose someone else’s cabinet. He lost the race.


I’d had enough of Rudy Giuliani years ago, having learned everything I need to know about him during his eight years as mayor of my home city.

The thought of him as Secretary of State is *not *reassuring.

And has the whole Bernie Kerik mess been forgotten already?


He’s still a Senator with the power of filibuster to make his points. And he’s done this.

Good for him to take this position.


Could you provide a few details or reference to the “Bernie Kerik mess”?



Bernie Kerik was a close friend of Rudy Giuliani. Rudy appointed him as New York’s Commissioner of Corrections, and then as Police Commissioner. With Giuliani’s backing, he was appointed as the interim minister of the interior of Iraq, responsible for training their police force. Which, according to Republicans in the Senate, he didn’t do.

Rudy, now having finished his two terms as mayor, gave Kerik a position in his new firm, Giuliani Partners.

Rudy pushed for Kerik to be appointed as Secretary of Homeland Security, and he was nominated for that position by President Bush. Giuliani had gotten a lot of attention after the 9/11 attacks, and his recommendation carried quite a bit of weight with a Republican administration. Ultimately, however, Kerik withdrew his name (after discovering that he couldn’t stand up to the scrutiny that would come with the confirmation process).

It all started to unravel, and Kerik ended up being indicted and convicted on a number of charges involving corruption (one of which was appropriating an apartment donated for the use of workers at the WTC site to clean up and rest for his own use, mainly to have an affair with his girlfriend).

He went to prison for several years. In a bit of truly enjoyable irony, he was held at first in the former Metropolitan Correctional Center, which had been renamed the Bernard Kerik Correction Center after his term as Corrections Commissioner. The other inmates must have gotten a kick out that.

Giuliani was forced to testify under oath at one point that he had known of Kerik’s mob connections before he appointed him as Corrections Commissioner and Police Commissioner.

Didn’t look too good for Rudy.


Thanks. That was a good and bad story. I find Mr. Giuliani hard to trust for a few reasons.



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